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    Can anyone help?
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    installation problems....HELP!

    uninstall anything related to fm ... demo, previous game version, etc even check the register, delete any old entries ... start > run > regedit ... look for FM keyword reboot then when installing turn off all background programs if all else fails, hmmm well i don't know :jambo...
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    CM online free passes

    hey all i got few free gaming voucher to give away, if any of you want it, just apply here i also might give out again free CM copies yet again, so keep checking this thread
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    Sort It Out Sort It Out SI

    Where Do I install Graphics? For FM2007 you install everything you add to the game into your User Data folder, you do not need to touch or delete the graphics that come with the game, content in your User Data folder will always override them. By default this is located at: \My...
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    Sort It Out Sort It Out SI

    check out my FM2007 starter kit ... though i can't compare to SUSIE, you might find a few usable files in there cheers
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    Gold Demo First Impressions

    pretty good demo i've made review of it here cheers
  7. S e-zine magazine

    Download at A monthly magazine by a CM/FM fansite
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    Natural Fitness?

    Try to bring in few good coaches. You can individually assign this fitness coach to specific players who needs fitness. Bear in mind, if you focus much on fitness, other attributes will be affected. So it's a balance of both world. Skill & fitness cheers
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    any data updates for cm 06??

    As far as i know, there's no know update for cm06 currently but however there's a Cm06 PSP update, thats all