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    How to add the second division of a league?

    and then how will the national cup work? Will clubs from the added leagues participate in it?
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    NEXT GEN Goalnet Physics

    can you make a screenshot of your parameters?
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    NEXT GEN Goalnet Physics

    please tell me what parameters are responsible for this ?
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    NEXT GEN Goalnet Physics

    could you write the settings parameters in these files? please
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    Russian Premier League

    Created the RPL And FNL League(Russia) Everything works except for the Champions League and the Europa League, I searched all the files in compdata but I did not find a solution,tell me where to look for the necessary file???
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    Patch Brazuka 21 (14 new leagues without replacing any other and 22 new National Teams + Realism and Gameplay Mod)

    Hi, I would like to ask, I created the RPL and FNL league (Russia) Instead of Poland (1) and Saudi Arabia(2) all running teams move from league to league, but the Champions League and Europa League do not run in the second season. I can't find the file that needs to be fixed,tell me if it's not...