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    Europe mod only ?

    I can share my Swedish 2nd league teams if needed, Squads, kits and so on. Or is this project dead?
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    Please create the full Finnish league or Swedish Division 3 (Ettan Fotboll)? I have a squadfile with IFK Mariehamn if you want
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    Covert files from FIFA16 to 21

    Hi, I made some parts of a mod a few years ago to FIFA16 is it possible to convert these files so I could work with them in FIFA21? (like kits, squads, banner and so on)
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    Hjbs Kits

    Do you want it?
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    It will come, im in a community thats currently doing National League J2 J3 and dutch second division for FIFA21
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    [2018-2019] The Dutch second League

    NEC Nijmegen will be in Somers Expansion mod for FIFA 21! also included: J2 J3 (Japan) National League (the league above League Two) We planning to do whole of the Keuken Kampioen Divisie but we need more people on it (that can create kits, player and logos and so...
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    FIFA 16 Women Patch

    FIFA21 will have amazing mods. will this be ported to 21?
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    Hjbs Kits

    Hi man! Saw that you did Superettan last season? Did you do IK Brage in the same league?
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    Disposition of Custom Faces Is it possible to convert this to FIFA21?
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    [2018-2019] The Dutch second League

    Why? Sorry I dont speak dutch (I wish but nope)
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    [CM 16 PATCH] Swedish Teams

    The mod is abandoned since last year