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    Seb's Sig Thread

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    Copa América - Argentina vs. Ecuador [P+R]

    The Argys to win 3-1. :rolleyes:
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    :: Mika's Sig Thread ::

    Cheers mate. If you're bored later and feel like more graphix, feel free to muck around with the style and stuff on mine. :p
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    Seb's Sig Thread

    Sig for ScouseBR.
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    The New Desktop Showoff Thread

    Mainly use my comp for browsing online. Boring comp.
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    good sites for soccer wallpapers

    You need a username and password for the second one.
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    Who will be the next James Bond?

    What about Mr Bean. :|(Y) I think Hugh Carlos*man will suit the job prefectly. The first person that came to mind when i first saw this thread was Hugh Grant. Thank god its Carlos*man.
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    The Chevy Chase Thread

    I loved the European one, where theyre going around the roundabout. :funny:
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    Edgar davids sig request

    Another version.
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    Seb's Sig Thread

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    Seb's Sig Thread

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    Seb's Sig Thread

    Just experimenting.
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    Banner man?
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    :: Mika's Sig Thread ::

    ^^^^ That one or this...
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    :: Mika's Sig Thread ::