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    Well, if you look from long range there is no much of difference haha :D
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    naboots78 Aren't these one you are searching for?
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    Anyway, yea seems like darker part is a bit too black according to the screenshot from the game (on the blue ones)
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    patzor's Boots

    Could u try these boots, mate?
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    Nikhit's boots

    Could u try this one, mate?
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    Faces by FrederickDST19

    How to install tattoos with CM16 without using regeneration?
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    pao4ever's now and then faces

    Will you start making faces from other leagues except for the Greek league?
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    Stadiums Related Questions and Answers Thread

    How do I install stadium with CM16 WITHOUT regeneration? Because I dont wanna lose my squads, minifaces etc
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    Laverni's Faces

    Waiting for Rigoni, Mammana, Foyth
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    EgorPl's Faces

    Alexander Kerzhakov. He plays for Zenit (Russia) now.
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    ales94's Faces

    Maybe u can try Hernani (Zenit), Golovin (CSKA), Kudryashov (Rostov), Tsallagov (Zenit), Ramirez (Krasnodar), Claeson (Krasnodar)
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    EgorPl's Faces

    Good to see you coming back! Are Rostov faces still incoming?
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    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM) I uploaded both 0.65a and 0.66 versions because 0.66 doesnt work for me dunno why. You also probably need Blender 2.71 for it
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    Creation Master 16

    Dont ya know any ways to avoid it? I thought it might be because im using the moddingway mode. Or maybe there are another apps that allow to change the roster without regeneration etc?
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    Creation Master 16

    Why is it always happening that players' overall changes when I click on him to change his skills? Like for example it is stated that he is 78 but it changes to 77. Idk why. It happens to any player probly. Also, idk but skills moves are fucked up either and even if I change them, they are...