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    PES6PC Superpatch v0.1 REALEASED!

    Could someone please upload the option file? Or send it to [email protected]
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    Marco76ers Numbers

    - Since Creation Master seems to be "the tool" for editing, and since it imports direct bmp or png images, is it really needed to make the full fsh file with the number or just using placing the png with CM07 will give me the same result ? png can be used too - With all those number styles...
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    darxxx's FIFA07 Logo updates (Requests Welcome!)

    Please make an ingame version of this.
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    Ajax net

    Is there a way to edit the net colors? If it is possible, I have a request:
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    Arnau 07 Faces

    Great faces! If you take requests, please make Urby Emanuelson (Ajax)
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    .::(*_*)Gijs Facethread(*_*)::. Take Requests

    When do you release these faces?
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    <*Asaf 2oo7 [email protected]*>

    Please make Urby Emanuelson (Ajax)
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    The Wolf 2005 Option File BETA

    Wolf, how can we get back the original colour off the goal nets? I don't like this, for example:
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    center back and play maker

    You could buy Wesley Sneijder: Real Madrid, Juventus, Arsenal, Manchester United and AC Milan are interested.
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    The Wolf 0_text.afs Update PES4 PC

    Are the English club teams kits updated in the Master League?
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    kit problem

    I've installed kitserver, but the Man Utd kits are not updated. How can I get them in the game?
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    The Wolf Furry Evolution Option File 0.95 - PES4 PC

    I've download this, I got the file KONAMI-WIN32PES4OPT now. What must I do now???
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    My "****in`" kits for 2005 :

    Great kits, and merry Christmas Hans!!!
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    ::: ChrissyD 2GK 2005 :::

    And to me? I've sent you a pm with my e-mail adress.
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    hagi's kits

    Please fix the Ajax third kit, because they don't play in the CL anymore.