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    FM 2008 Screenshot Showoff

    After going 4-1 down in the 1st leg...this was a great comeback from my boys! :D
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    ** SG United 2008 "Face In The Patch" Thread **

    Name: Russell Adams Number: 3? Picture:
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    SG United 2008 - The New Look

    How about upping each player's Loyalty stat as well?
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    Is it just me or do Chelsea just love Pandev?

    The Pandev to Chelsea thing was occurring since FM2007...its either him or Rodrigo Palacio that they buy every single time!
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    FM 2007 Screenshot Showoff

    I have the same reputation problem, but i just won the UCL 3-2 over chelsea, Soren Larsen scored in the 122nd minute (H), so hopefully i should be able to hold onto my better players.
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    ok thanks
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    Ok i got it sorted out, i just had to select "load Languages" but one more question... is there anyway to edit a League or Competition? When i say edit, I mean like change how many subs can be taken and/or used for each match, prize money, etc.
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    The option where it says "Create Club" is always greyed out and i can never click on it... do i need an updated editor or sumthing?
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    is it possible to create a new club? if so how can i do it?
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    Cant Start New Game!!

    This all started after i added a picture to my manager profile. Since i did that the game freezes wheneve i try to add a new manager and i dont know how it fix it... this is really frustrating!
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    Cant Start New Game!!

    Thanks for the offer, but i installed it on my brother's pc and it works fine! but my pc freezes whenever i try to add a new manager... i just wanna know why that is because it just doesnt make sense!!
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    Cant Start New Game!!

    Tried that... :(
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    Cant Start New Game!!

    Yup!, uninstalled, restarted the PC then reinstalled. Same problem, it might have sumting to do with the Editor. i edited some stuff and saved it as a new DB. then after that it wouldn't work...not even with the default DB.
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    Cant Start New Game!!

    For some reason when i try to start a new game, the game just freezes. It goes all the way through the sequence, then after the part where it says "Setting Up Manager Shortlists", the screen lights back up and then it just freezes! Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    What tactic do u play?