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    Am I missing something?

    I was just going through my collection, and I have not made any recent music purchase this entire year. Moreover, the last things I bought - last year!!! 2009!!! - were some Desert Sessions, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, and Steve Vai albums I didn't yet own. So I'm wondering if I'm just missing...
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    NFL Europa is...

    No, it isn't. As of today it just isn't anymore. Bye bye professional football in Europe. Oh well; 15 years of financial loss will do that to a league. Maybe some German pro league will replace it, and maybe some Dutch team can join it. Maybe not.
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    Football Manager goes MMO

    Sports Interactive announced today they will be releasing a massively multiplayer online version of the game we all lost so much time to. If all goes to plan, Football Manager Live will see daylight in March 2008, with beta testing to start next month. The game will be a mixture of Football...
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    F1 Prediction League 2007

    It's back! Fashionably late, but before the first race! First GP is this weekend in Melbourne. Be mindful of the nightly deadlines if you're not from a nearby timezone. Rules: - Everyone can enter one prediction per GP. - Predict 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed driver. - All three drivers...
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    7.0.2 Released

    Includes transfer update. Changelist is attached (and long). PC Mirrors: The Patches Scrolls Football Manager Downloads Filefront Worthplaying Mac Mirrors: Rapidshare The Patches Scrolls FM Norge WWSM PC Mirrors: Rapidshare The Patches Scrolls WWSM Mac Mirrors: Rapidshare...
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    7.0.1 released

    Should have updated this a lot earlier, soz. :$
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    FM 2007 Screenshot Showoff

    My turn to start one. Take note: this is not a postboosting thread like Tom's other one. This is for own game pics, pre-release pics are to go in the other sticky.
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    FM 2007 official announcement:

    Some random screens: You can see some more screens online on InsideGamer, a Dutch site, or download 49 screens in a zip from
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    Belgian Jupiler League Week 28...

    Taj is really busy at the moment, so I'm standing in for a bit. WEEK 28... 24-3-2006 20:30 Charleroi - Standard ... - ... 25-3-2006 20:00 Beveren - AA Gent ... - ... 25-3-2006 20:00 Lokeren - Westerlo ... - ... 25-3-2006 20:00 FC Brussels - G. Beerschot ... - ... 25-3-2006 20:00...
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    ChampMan06 PC gold demo released

    BGS released their gold demo for CM 06 today, more info and the download through here. nuff said
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    Belgian Jupiler League Week 27...

    Taj is really busy at the moment, so I'm standing in for a bit. WEEK 26... 17-3-2006 20:30 Zulte-Waregem - Lierse 17-3-2006 20:30 Standard - Racing Genk 18-3-2006 18:00 Westerlo - Club Brugge 18-3-2006 20:00 Anderlecht - Beveren 18-3-2006 20:00 Charleroi - Lokeren 18-3-2006 20:00 G...
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    F1 Prediction Thread 2006

    Stick please :) Rules: - Everyone can enter one prediction per GP. - Predict 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed driver. - All three drivers are eligible for pole points, if your prediction is made before the start of the qualification. - Only predict a driver on one position. - Prediction must...
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    SG United 2006 released. Link inside.

    SG United update for Football Manager 2006, 45.3 MB - Filefront. This is my first installer, so don't be too harsh if there's something wrong. It worked fine for me, but then again, I installed FM in two very similar ways on the two PCs this was tested on. Technical support in this thread if...
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    Sign up thread for the SG United update for Football Manager 2006.

    Sign up will be open for two weeks. There's a minimum of 16 participants, maximum is 30. If the minimum is not reached, the update will be cancelled. When the maximum is reached, any further players will be added as 'reserves', they will get a lower CA/PA. Notes to the signup form: -...
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    SG United

    Ok, it's time I started serious work on this. What would you guys prefer? A randomised team (maybe CA/PA/position could be predetermined), or a full submission like in 01/02 days? Also, please do write down anything you'd like to add for me to consider. I'll definitely take any idea into...