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    Dennis121188 Adboards 2004-05 in 2GA

    link download adborards xp united???? Microsoft Windows Xp adboards???
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    Team Creation Tutorial!

    which are the titular players of those 2 selections? In the database he does have many players of Guinea and Ivory Cost, more which are the titular?
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    Lancers FIFA 2005 2gk Kit Thread

    colombia away not url???? ok
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    Team Creation Tutorial!

    Donovanfan I would like you to make a tutorial of the edition of the tables rstg and table_team_lookup
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    Team Creation Tutorial!

    Estou fazendo um patch que adiciona varias seleções ao jogo, usando como base o fifa.db que um colega brasileiro me enviou e mais outros patchs que tem na net. Vai fechar em 64 seleções, mas estou com uma duvida. Fui no menu e criei uma nova liga, a que dei o id 79, já que a liga...
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    Pede 54's New 2gk Kit Thread

    make kits tunisia and uruguay gk
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    Team Creation Tutorial!

    I separated in two, but the second call international, he didn't recognize as international, but as teams, in other words, he didn't have the stop for execution of the hymns, nor the Collina whistling, he wanted to know to do with that the 2 leagues were recognized as selections, with execution...
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    Team Creation Tutorial!

    add teams international league e to divide in 2 leagues e and the game accepts as 2 international leagues, with right to play the hymn of the country
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    Team Creation Tutorial!

    I don't really know how to speak English, I used a translator, it seems some words he doesn't see very well I wait now to have improved a little the translation I am making a patch that adds you vary selections to the game, using as base fifa.db that Riven sent me and more other patchs...
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    Team Creation Tutorial!

    I am making a patch that adds you vary selections to the game, using as base fifa.db that a friend of a site sent me and more other patchs than she has in the net. I am already with 54 selections, but I am with one he/she doubts. I went in the menu and I created a new league, the one...
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    Curswine 2GK Kits II

    excellent kits... Make kits Brazil, home, away e gk grey
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    Ireland away??

    ireland away????? not????