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    team chemistry / overall rating

    What about team chemistry and also prestige? Higher or lower better? Thanks
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    CC Error - need help

    I edited a team attributes and also the team prestige, team chemistry and overall rating. I have mid numbers for attributes and save it all and then when I go to play I have higher numbers from say 45 "i put in" and now is 76. I then exit to windows and re export the team and open it and now see...
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    team chemistry / overall rating

    Picking a team now. Is it better to have a higher or lower number for team chemistry? Also what about overall rating higher or lower is better? Thanks
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    Game play?

    I have played the 2005 version in Amateur mode to get use to it and then adavnce up levels to make it harder. I am now playing 2006 version and I am in Amateur level and it seems all the cpu players are world class. Why? I went in to see if I make my team awesome maybe this would help. All my...
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    Create new file/ edit help needed?

    Is there a description for each item in the cc editor somewhere? I am not sure for some of them if higher number is better or if a lower one is? One is Team Prestige, it is 3 now is this good or is a higher number better? I just exported a team and did some minor editing, when I hit save it...
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    cc06 help

    Ok, when I check for updates it says none are availble. Arghhhh :(
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    cc06 help

    Ok, I started the game but it is weird the game starts up and all the teams scroll through I can not stop it I have to select a team as it flys through them all and then on other menus it is locked in to scroll fast through them also. I have to play a chalenge right away? This is way different...
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    cc06 help

    I just installed fifa 2006 and cc06 and opened cc06 to edit the files but where do I look for *.c06 files? I bumpped around with no luck, help please. Thanks :)
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    Creation Centre 2006??

    When will Creation Centre 2006 be out what is the status? Any beta versions yet beign tested? I have looked in d/l's and see nothing so I wanted to ask and see. I have not played fifa 2k6 yet I was waiting for the editor first. So I can edit my teams. Thanks
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    Fifa 2006 Data editors??

    Are there any good data editors out yet for Fifa 2006? Thanks
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    Is it really comming?

    I have looked all over for Fifa 2006 for pc to see if it was in the works and do not see it. I check and they only show Madden 2006 and no Fifa,Nhl or Nba. I think maybe they are skipping the pc this year for making Xbox and PS2. ? Thanks
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    Ball Importer 2005 ?

    Ok but what about Nets? Also how do you create Balls and shoes? Where are the creation tools? Thanks
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    Ball Importer 2005 ?

    I see you can import new Goal nets.
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    Ball Importer 2005 ?

    Does it work for nets also? Link? Thanks
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    Ball Importer 2005 ?

    Yours, I got it from the link posted here.