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    Updated Transfers Patch for Online Play

    Patch is class Its not cheating to have latest transfers. Any1 who thinks thats a noob Latest transfers have been used online since at least pes4. What Konami mean is people who use online masterleague teams in standard play. Or completely edited teams. Only sad cases complain about...
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    Updated Transfers Patch for Online Play

    How do i fix the Irish Team? The entire Ireland team has been wrong since the beginning. How can i edit it? I do a lot of editing so if any 1 can tell me what to do, or include it in next patch let me know. ____________________________________________________________ All Of these players...
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    Complete Chant Packs (Post Here)

    I'm looking for a chant packs here. Complete ones with all the right teams. Using a german one at the moment, and it plays music after goals????????? Really gay music, gayer than PES5 music. I liked the crowd chants in PES5, not the music. If anyone knows code for the Master League...
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    Add Your PES Files To The Downloads Centre

    Pes 6 section? Theres no pes6 section:nape:
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    PES6 PC Patch

    Installing with dkstudio is easy (2 steps) Do this for each of your downloaded files, should be easy if you kept them together and in the right order; 1: click on the patch you want to install (xxxxxxxxx.dkz) and it will automatically open it in dkstudio(dont bother with the folder 1 or...
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    Superpatch 4.0

    Download not working It just goes contacting server then nothing