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    Patch Brazuka 21 (14 new leagues without replacing any other and 22 new National Teams + Realism and Gameplay Mod)

    I'd really love to know how this can be done, I'd like to add the Polish 2nd Division
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    European cup

    What do you mean exactly? Add extra rounds to ucl and uel qualifiers? if so you'll need more european leagues, i'm working on getting esp (european super patch) working in fifa 16 so if that works i could upload the project...
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    League ends in incorrect month, and glitches the game Help?

    The Polish leagues are supposed to end in May but they end in June no matter what i do, all other leagues work normally ending in May, any suggestions will be appreciated. Ekstraklasa - Season start Ekstraklasa - Season end Now same picture but with Russian premier league. Here it works...