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    The Rivalry that Baffles Football - Crystal Palace v. Brighton The Rivalry that Baffles Football The rivalry between Brighton and Crystal Palace was recently voted 10th in the 'Football Rivalries Report 2008'. It is one of the fiercest, most intense rivalries in football yet it is baffling for...
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    The EPL Relegation Dogfight thread

    Don't worry mate, you can get Palace tickets fairly easily next season ;)
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    New Kits 2008/2009

    Crystal Palace - The Return of the sash (about fecking time!) P.S.: The lad on the left is Victor Moses, the future of football. Watch this space.
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    Brilliant New Nike Ad

    I was thinking that as well, but 1. it's a bit too obvious, and 2. i think we're meant to be the person, and he's not meant to represent a real player.
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    Championship Playoffs - Who's Going Up?

    I started this thread 4 years ago, and got slagged off, en route to a Palace Promition :innocent_smile_1: So who's going up this year? Palace (strangely enough) are the favourites at 2/1, which gives me confidence, but also makes me a bit nervoue that we'll **** it up like we did against...
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    R.I.P. Ray Jones

    QPR have decided to retire Ray Jones's #31 shirt.,,10373~1100529,00.html
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    Ref assault

    And what evidence do you have that this ref "deliberately" screwed over the player? No one deserves physical harm, especially over a game.
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    Antonio Puerta (1984-2007)

    I found a GolTV stream of this game...he's still on the pitch. Which minute does this happen in? EDIT: just saw it, 28th minute.
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    Ref assault

    That's disgusting, if you really mean that.
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    Rosicky v. "Rosidsky"

    All the commentators say "Kaut", rhyming with "Kraut"
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    Serie A on FSC Theme Music

    Looks like they're using this song again this season. Lucky me, i suppose i have one more season to figure out who performs it! I'm now hearing it for the 5th time in 10 minutes on FSC so it's driving me crazy!
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    The Adventures of Paul Robinson and his Amazing Invisible Horse

    Sorry that it's on another football site, but SG hasn't produced anything this quality in..probably ever! My favourites:
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    Rosicky v. "Rosidsky"

    The wikipedia article on him confirms this pronunciation, though technically if we're going to pronounce his surname correctly, we should be pronouncing his forist name "Tom-aash"
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    Rosicky v. "Rosidsky"

    Why do all commentators and pundits pronounce Tomas Rosicky's surname "ro-sid-ski"? Am i missing something about the Czech language where c's are pronounced like d's? Where is this S sound coming from?
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    Crystal Palace sign Benfica's Jose Fonte on loan

    Palace have loaned Benfica's Jose Fonte for the upcoming season. Alright Benfica fans...who the hell is Jose Fonte? I know his brother Rui is in Arsenal's academy, but i never heard of Jose.