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    Amy Winehouse

    I love the acoustic version of ''Love is a losing game''. Not too fond of her music really, but her voice is great (Y)(Y)
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    Premier League Abroad?

    Awful idea. EPL is being ruined by money. In my opinion the English league has lost a lot of it's beauty the past years, with the exorbitant transfer sums and average foreigners in the line-ups. This just adds it up.
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    whats up people?

    Obviously you're a spambot as well :(
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    So how many red cards should Davids have recieved today? 2? 3?
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    haha. Ogararu makes Michael Ball look like a good defender. No wonder Ajax signed a new right back. *says nothing about PSV-Excelsior*
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    NEC-Ajax 1-1 VVV-PSV 1-1 Excelsior-Feyenoord 2-1 Heerenveen-AZ 4-0 God, we all suck.
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    Huntelaar to Madrid would be a stupid move. He'd have a hell of a time trying to force Ruud out the starting 11 and I don't think he'd be able to do that. And a line-up with both Ruud and Huntelaar wouldn't work I think, too much of the same. If he's smart he stays until the summer to move to...
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    Manchester City Thread [07/08]

    Alves for 20m € would be a joke imo. Yes he scores a lot, but this is always against smaller teams. He barely scores against the big teams. Besides, would you want a player with his attitude? He's been trying to force a transfer for half a year now. Obviously the same would happen at Man...
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    Is it just me or do Chelsea just love Pandev?

    It's pretty logical really. At the start of each game the cpu Chelsea manager will calculate the same: he recognises the same weaknesses and then buyes the player that is best suited for filling the gap
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    Moments of 2007

    Of course 29-04-2007. The amazing 3 team battle for the Dutch championship on the last matchday of 2007 and PSV winning it by a better goaldifference of 1 goal to Ajax. I was there and was expecting a very frustrating match with AZ winning the championship.
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    Ten Of A Kind

    10 greatest PSV players: Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball, Michael Ball and Michael Ball.
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    Real Madrid Thread [2007-2008]

    So what's up with no Spanish matches shown on tv in Europe?
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    A 0-1 loss would be unacceptable. In every way. Ajax stated often enough that they wanted the match to be played. If there's no other way, the match should be played mid-week imo even though it's a high risk match. Then the police should just have 1 evening less off. I didn't mind it was...
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    Welcome Sir. Fabio Capello

    I thought you english thought the downfall of the English NT was due to the amount of foreigners. So now they hire a foreign manager? Hooray for short-term!
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    Sporting Event of 2007.