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    Compatibility with Windows Vista x64

    Is this game able to play with the 64-bit Windows Vista?
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    Theend Converted Fifa Hq Kits

    The colour of the numbers on the back of the Barca jerseys need to be changed. The colour should be a yellow one that matches the "UNICEF" logo at the front of the jersey. And one more thing....don't you think that the Man United jerseys look a bit too orangey?
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    PES6PC Superpatch v0.1 REALEASED!

    After installing this and playing 2 matches..... YOU BETTER DOWNLOAD THIS AND INSTALL IT OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU. :p This match is un****inbelievable. Not only are the graphics improved, so is the sound in game with the chants, the music but the gameplay is also much improved. It...
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    PES6PC Superpatch v0.1 REALEASED!

    Ok I've downloaded the patch but when I try to extract the files, I get a CRC error when it is trying to extract the Superpatch_dat.dkz file. I've tried 5 times now to extract it and it keeps giving me the same error at about 70% completion of the Superpatch_dat.dkz file. Can anyohe help?
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    PES6PC Superpatch v0.1 REALEASED!

    I'm sure it will be great! :mexican:
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    PES6PC Superpatch v0.1 REALEASED!

    Yeah I think that's what it means as well. Just gotta have a fresh installation of the game. If you've applied patches, uninstall the game, delete the KONAMI directory under C:\Program Files and get rid of the KONAMI folder under My Documents as well (back up any replays if you have them).
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    PES6PC Superpatch v0.1 REALEASED!

    I have the same question.....
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    FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007 Update!

    If Argentina ends up in the pool which plays in Ottawa, I'll be getting tickets for all their matches for sure. Vamos Argentina!
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    Club Atlètico de Madrid Thread [2006/2007]

    Well you will have to refresh your memory. None of Barca's World Cup players were playing in that match, it was after they had already won La Liga title and the Champions League. So all in all, Atletico pretty much beat Barca B.
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    Anyone got any videos of FIFA on the 360? search there for some HDTV clips.
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    My First Rebona Goal!!! - PES6

    It kinda just happened. I didn't really notice that it happened until I saw the replay. and that player has not even close to 99 overall stats, so that's not the reason why i did it.
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    UEFA Champions League First Knockout Round Draw

    Some people just can't read. That's not the actual draw....
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    selling my CD key.. tired of this game..pes6

    I might be interested.....
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    Need some Logo help

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    Need some Logo help

    Hi guys, I'm creating my own jerseys for PES6. I made the jersey through the PES6 Editor in the game but I'm lacking one thing.....the team logo (emblem patch) to put on the jersey and on the flags that the supporters wave. If anyone could help me get my custom logo in the game, I'd...