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    Your team of the decade 2010-2020

    I am posting this thread as an attempt to bring the old boys back because we all know everyone here love these "top 11" threads back in the day.
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    2018 FIFA World Cup Draw {P + R}

    Nothing special. She's fucking old and fat.
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    I'm still using the Oneplus 5 and it's amazing. Best phone I've ever had for a fraction of the cost of iPhones and big brand flagship phones. Really happy with this purchase.
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    Liverpool FC

    It's just a friendly banter, dude.
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    Liverpool FC

    Well, the numbers speak for themselves. 2009–10 7th 2010–11 6th 2011–12 8th 2012–13 7th 2013–14 2nd 2014–15 6th 2015–16 8th 2016–17 4th Clearly mid table :D
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    It was a terrible performance though. We had to rely on super Felli for a header, an assist and another header from Lukaku.
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    UEFA Champions League Thread

    Pogba injury seems to be a hamstrings strain - should be 2-3 weeks maybe. It's alright we have super Felli
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    UEFA's CL Fantasy - SG League

    It's in some foreign language
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    Liverpool FC

    Liverpool is a mid table type of club so he is perfect for Liverpool.
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    OMFG what a pass by Mkhitaryan. He is the one who should play advanced midfielder. Pogba should make way for him.
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    The reason why I hate Pogba on the "left side of a midfield 3" is he will try to dribble and impr3ess and lose the ball. It is clearly not working. I don't understand why Mourinho didn't stick to the winning formula. Darmian on the left side doesn't make any sense. Blind is better and is left...
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    Pogba played this "left side of midfield 3" last season and I wasn't impressed. I think he is best as midfielder partnering a DM. He just seems more natural in this position. There's a difference between EPL and série A and ManU and Juventus. He's been fantastic the first 3 games as RCM. He...
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    Mourinho United thread 2016-17

    I completely disagree. Pogba is best as a CM rather than an attacking playmaker. If you see how he has been this season you will understand what I mean. He has been everywhere on the pitch. He is best playing alongside a DM like Matic or Kante (for France). The few times he has played AMF last...
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    Has Neymar's transfer destroyed football?

    Mbappe is stuck in such a poor league for the rest of his life. A one team league. The only challenge will be the champions league which is maximum 13 games a year.