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    CM 14 and Other Tools by Rinaldo

    I can't even open CM14 anymore. Heck the only thing that happens when I click on it is the screen loads then stops. I had to make a new user account on my computer just to be able to see that "CREATION MASTER 14 HAS STOPPED WORKING" along with this: Problem signature: Problem Event Name...
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    CM 14 Doesn't Work

    Man i can't even open CM14 anymore it was working perfectly and then it just doesn't want to open anymore. I click it (as administrator) and i get the loading Icon but it never opens
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    Face Request Thread

    de rossi here you go :P
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    Face Request Thread

    Hey everyone i have a request for Vicente Sanchez: Uruguayan player for colorado. thanks :)
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    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    re-upload Can you please re-upload this facepack? :) love your stuff aNuke!
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    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    can someone please share aNuKe's Quaresma? his link is down
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    Classic Patch Update

    Is there anyone who can hook me up with Ronaldo and Figo's audio? Thanks :)
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    vojasrbin's Faces

    did he ever release that Panagiotis Kone? i have been looking for a face for him for a while i had a fifa 13 one but it has a crazy looking face in game
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    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    Happy B-day to mini-nuke!! :Carlos*o::bob::D
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    alex94's Faces

    holy fack that Gyan is amazing :3 :bow:
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    [MOD] Revolution Mod '14

    :O Thank you! :bow: I was using CM14 and i have yet to mess with FM14 i will do this in a bit :)
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    Kit Request Thread

    Ok 2 request: The 1st one is easy - I need the default RX3s for all the arsenal kits i sorta deleted the team and need to remake everything xDD. 2nd request can someone fix these Valencia kits from 2008-09: those are my...
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    Kit Request Thread

    Lol wrong person dude :3 xD what ever happened to the 90th anniversary kit of valencia?
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    [MOD] Revolution Mod '14

    Ok I have no idea where to post this but can i get someone to post the default Arsenal team CMP? I Effed up while making the Japan team and I now have everything to do with Arsenal tied with the Japan team i made. so yeah :/ xDD any help will be greatly appreciated :) P.s i will also need the...
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    Adboards, Balls, Boots, Scoreboards, ETC Request Thread

    Ok everyone i have a small request. Guatemala's Flags that is it xD i noticed that this fifa's flags have a different structure. So thanks to anyone who helps :)