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    MLS Patch 2010

    Philly mini Do these work? I'm not great at minis.
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    My Fantasy kits

    Hah, thanks for catching that. It's because I posted the wrong one, an older incomplete version. LOL I'll replace it later today.
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    My Fantasy kits

    Here's a couple Portland Timbers fantasy kits. The Timbers will join MLS in 2011 but here's home and away kits if you want an early start. My first kits and they are a bit rough. I'm new at this, not sure why the images are so big. Uploaded with
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    FIFA07 Stadium Download Index

    Stadium builders? Hello FIFA07 community. Is anyone still making stadiums for FIFA07? Or is anyone available to answer basic questions from a Noob desperate enough to try to make his own stadium? The Portland Timbers will be joining MLS in 2011. They are about to start on their stadium...
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    Kit patch

    Not sure why the gk kit is not loading properly. To solve the third kit problem you need to check the correct box in CM07 for the teams in the patch that have third kits. Check the boxes before you load the patch. Look for the check boxes between the words "third kit" and the picture of...
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    Requests :-)

    Very nice kits and thanks for making '07 kits. Would you please make a full pack for Seattle FC for the new MLS season. thanks. Here's a pic.
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    07 Kits by Bobscratchit

    Stoke City Hey Bob, great kits. Would you please do a Stoke City 08_09 kit pack. I believe then we will have all of the EPL for 08_09 completed. Thanks. Kit details (socks, shorts, GK) here:
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    EuroFootBall 08/09 kits (request too)

    Epl You seem to be one of the last doing EPL kits for 08/09. I've got good kits for every team except Stoke City and Wigan. If you have time would you please do kit packs for these two. The EPL will then be complete for 08/09. Thanks:bob:
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    07 Kits by Bobscratchit

    Bob, the minis are awsome, thanks! All the guys are making great FIFA07 kits but yours are just excellent. Portsmouth with the correct collar! I'm speechless.:D
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    2008/2009 season kits shortlist

    mrromaniac, that mini looks fine to me. cmc211 are you telling us that 08 mini kits work in 07?
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    FIFA07 Stadium Download Index

    stadiums in Wales Anyone know if any of the Welsh stadiums have been done for FIFA07? They are not on this thread list. Millenium stadium and Liberty stadium are both quite nice and should be available for 07. Thnx...
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    2008/2009 season kits shortlist

    keep it up great to see that this thread is still being updated. Keep the kits coming! We seem to be missing a mini kit maker though. Anyone out there like to do minis?
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    mrromaniac's kits

    minor details Hey mrromaniac, great work! It's so wonderful to have so many 07 kit makers still working. The Hull City kit is really appreciated. A few details though if you are interested. The home socks have orange tops and the black stipes continue down the sleeves on the home jersey...
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    kits and stuff

    minor details andy911, your kits look very good and great team to start with! If you want to add even more realistic detail take a look at my last post in the arius85 kits thread. I put some kit pictures in there for Portsmouth. (sorry I would add a link here but not sure how to) There...
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    New Kit Shop

    Small Error Nice kits but you put a Premier League badge on your Norwich kit. Norwich plays in the Championship. Different shoulder badge. cheers