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    Mega Stadiums Archive

    unfortunately no :( i don't have the archive anymore :(
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    Issue with Europa League

    Hello guys, i've created this topic to find some help from you. I don't know what is the root cause of following issue but i'm asking you for some advices. After the first season in career mode, everything looks fine with UCL but in UEL i have some doubled teams like Barcelona, Atl Madrid...
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    Mega Stadiums Archive

    in RFET patch you will be found a lot of romanian stadiums :D 35 stadiums
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    Mega Stadiums Archive

    It exists, but only in RFET Patch
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    Mega Stadiums Archive

    i will, but in weekend because i don't have access to files until saturday
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    Mega Stadiums Archive

    yes i have, but from netherland, herenven doesn't exists for fifa 14, only ado den hag, vitese, twente, psv, feyenoord, groningen
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    Mega Stadiums Archive

    the archive is down, unfortunately, because i didn't accesed a long time my account from MEGA, they deleted it :(
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    @gonzaga can you repost the Senegal national stadium please? the link is broken :(
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    Right mate, all stadiums working without problems. :D Keep very good job! It's amazing!
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    @gonzaga check pm, i've gave you a message a week ago :( i need your help
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    Voleck's Kits & Minikits

    fantastic work mate
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    Kits FIFA

    petorlul kits man?
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    KITS 19-20

    Petrolul kits man?
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    Kits 2019-21

    hey man accepts me on twitter, paul21s
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    My stadium studio - Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium

    fifa 14 version maestro?