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    Question for J.J.

    nice to hear from you JJ
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    I got winning eleven 07

    No other patches will not work.
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    PES 6 Evolution Patch 2.0

    Why dont you get started on it?
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    EPL Barclays Premiership Kitserver Expansion Pack

    This is cool. Thanx!
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    Superpatch or not ?

    Sweet! Thanks NT!
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    Your ideal patch

    I guess I'm not that fussed about it as you really cant see the details other than in replays.
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    Kitserver 6

    Thanks for the updates Juce. I did notice that the collar area for model 0 kits are not antialiased. For example, look at kel's Man Utd home kits (try different shorts variations). Its not as smooth looking as the other model's collars that are antialiased. Here's hoping you can do a quick...
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    Your ideal patch

    All of the above minus the HD kits. The WE10-style 512x256 ones are ok for me.
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    Evolution Patch for PES 6

    :rofl: What makes you think we care whether you download this patch or not?
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    A New Pro Evo Clan

    Any $$$ involved in your leagues?
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    Honest opinion!

    Any plans for a patch Wolf? Yours were always one of the bests.
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    PES6 - Jay's Editing

    Good work. You captured the essence of Rio's real-life ugliness. If you could make his complexion a bit rougher (potholes & face craters).
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    PK Patch - Patch for PES6 (PC)

    Nice work! You got rid of them Froggies!
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    Bandits NEW season SPL kits pes 6

    Nice work! Are you doing all the SPL kits?
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    PES6 Full torrent with link

    Good contribution kid. ;)