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    Thierry Henry: Most decorated in European Football

    Apparently Thierry Henry is the most decorated footballer in European football history, he has now won: - The World Cup - European Championships - Confederations Cup - Champions League - Premiership, - La Liga, - Ligue 1 ( when the French league was at its strongest) - The Major cups...
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    Cheat slag! Ecoute....
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    Arsenal vs Manchester United

    I know its a bit early but im seriously hyped for this game, theres some great talent on show for both sides, im just disappointed I wont be going to the game as Arsenal put on such a great show when I went to Old Trafford last. Arsenal have never lost at the emirates, and Wenger is currently...
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    Chelsea vs Arsenal

    So hyped for this game, I know its early but I just cannot wait. I have the utmost respect for what Chelsea football TEAM have achieved. We do well against the big teams, having beaten 7 past european cup/ champions league winners over the past year. So if Chelsea underestimate us like...
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    Champs league: Porto vs Arsenal

    at the dragao stadium named after the legendary rocky charachter Both teams need a draw to commence to the next round, but Arsenal's victory is imminent leading up to the big london derby on Sunday at the Bridge
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    Careful when you post pics of your desktop hahahhahahhaa KeOWNED
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    In need of new arsenal sig

    anyone able to make a sig with this Vieira image in the background, like a shadow maybe.The phrase "Arsenal 3" in there somehwhere. with the likes of Fabregas, Rosicky, Toure, Walcott and Henry the captain in there too. Actually would be nice if there was a recent arsenal team huddle or...
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    Football coaches

    This is basically a thread about football coaches, their weird quirks, do you like your coach or his methods etc Quite like my coach since he texts me saying im an extremely good player and sees my game similar to rooney. In his words " your like the black wayne rooney....." he often...
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    World cup plans

    Just thought id make a little thread for those who are planning on going to Germany for the World Cup. Me and two friends will be there and we are making plans to buy tickets for certain matches in the next month or so. We are planning to see 6 group games of our favourite teams...
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    Titi is back

    Congrats to Henry on becoming Arsenal's all time leading scorer, He is the difference for Arsenal once again, I cant think of many players who could have scored the first goal he did tonight, truly special player. Now its time for business to pick up (C)
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    My new Hero This guy has taken randomness to a new level
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    OG logo request

    Really want some of OG type graphics, matbe in graffitti, anything really, gifs would be nice too
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    Werder Bremen Trials

    It is unbeliveable but i have been able to get some trials with Werder Bremen for next summer. An ex-player of werder Bremen reserves who plays for my semi pro team, has told them of my ability after scoring 21 goals in 9 games from mostly right midfield. A scout has come down to see a few of...
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    Hows ur season???

    This is a thread for the folk on here who are actually playing football for teams, how people are progressing, if people want tips on fitness, skills etc, goal scoring stats, general performance, pro contract possibilities and whatnot Yesterday i scored my second hat trick in two games, im...
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    The "Mad Jens" Lehmo Thread

    This thread as u can see from the title is about lehmann. The guy provides us with such comedy every day of the week. -A comedian -A Gangsta. -A Juggler -All round entertainer -Legend Any Lehmo stories u hear of post them here, any lehmo anicdotes, lehmo comedy lines, anything right here