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    Editing Software Related Questions and Answers Thread

    Hi everyone, can anyone please help me to get rid of the Unable to read beyond the end of the stream error in CM 16. It fails to display and kits and faces, throws up the exception. Running it on Windows 10. Will be glad if someone can point me in the right direction.
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    2014-15 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Anyone has a face for Tottenham striker Harry Kane that can be used in the latest version of Fifa 11?
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    2014-15 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Tokke, if I've edited the attributes of some players using CM 11, will this patch overwrite the changes made?
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    2014-15 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Can anybody please confirm if the Fifa Club World cup is available in the manager mode?
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    2014-15 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Winter Clothes - Gloves Hi tokke, just wanted to confirm if gloves are part of the winter clothing as I don't see an option for it. Is there a possibility of turning them on for a player in career mode? CM 11 cannot change it during the career mode. Thanks
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    2013-14 patch for FIFA 11 - New Leagues & Teams

    Hi tokke001, tested your patch and its awesome work. Just have one question about the pitch wear. Every match I play, friendly or career match, the pitch is in very poor condition. Even in the start of the career, the pitch is very bad. Any idea why is that so? Can it be fixed so there is no...