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    i never believed id say this about a football/championship manager game but...

    If they go 4-2-4, usually, computers play long passes with this, completely ignoring midfield-game, so, I try to get better positioning and jumping people, and it kinda works. When I recover the ball, I try to play a slow-minded football, with a lot of waste time, and basing my play on the wings.
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    What changes would you most like to see in FM07?

    As far as I read, smaller teams should not reject millionaries as long as they're not rich. There's a new feature where the chairman can accept any offer without the concern of the manager, so, if the Chairman wants money, but the manager wants to keep the player... well, the answer is that...
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    FM 2007 Screenshot Showoff

    Graphics are nicer, still I prefer Capuccino (hope they fix that error on Player Search screen) or iTunes. About the pics posted... wow... I guess we (excluding beta testers) all saw the "little logos" at the left of each club, which is a wonderful addition in my opinion, or things like...
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    New Forum

    +1 Is this better? xD :lui: PS: Can't make it bigger :nape:
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    New Forum

    Well, congratulations for the new forum, or something like that :crazyboy: I hope it could be release on October 20th-25th, but as Tom said, it doesn't sound realistic, though last 2 FM's were soon out the market according to releases dates. November will be a great month. I'm reading the...
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    FM Legends Transfers

    Error. He moved to Chipre, I recall HAPOEL Nicosia, but I'm not sure. Hey! I'm alive o.o
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    *Football Manager 2005 & 2006 Downloads*

    It also add the newest rule on argentinian league: 7 subs.
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    \\ Derek Wolf // -Story About a British Career-

    I had some virus problem at the PC plus my time was shortened a bit, but I'll back in some days, maybe next week. I downloaded 6.0.3 without DB and I'll have to restart this game, but well, since I only show the squad, I've little things to modify. Sorry for being slow ^^U
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    \\ Derek Wolf // -Story About a British Career-

    Thanks a lot, I hope I could manage some big team in some years :) FM2005 had too many problems with "ruined games" because of bad savings and such, so I have to create backups of my game very often since then. Hope I can do my backups often, so, if my game go corrupt, I can restart from...
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    \\ Derek Wolf // -Story About a British Career-

    [continues from the previous post] Kirk Watts AM RL / 26 years old / English / valued at -) Speedy, but nothing more. A fairly good winger that will be rotation until some signings comes, if any. Kirk played for Bromley, Ashford Town and Gravesend. Jean-Michele Sigere ST / 28...
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    \\ Derek Wolf // -Story About a British Career-

    Chapter 2: Meeting People Hi out there. Well, I'll be a bit cold today but I think it's the best option I have, 'cause I have to talk about my staff and players. Let's start by the staff. For more detailed info, please, click on his photo. Stuart Cash The Assistant Manager...
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    \\ Derek Wolf // -Story About a British Career-

    Chapter 1: Derek Wolf Hello and welcome to my blogsite. My name's Derek Wolf, a manager who was looking for a club since his graduation, some months ago. The reason I'm opening this space is simple, someone offered me a job, I accepted, and now my professional will start, and the best...
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    \\ Derek Wolf // -Story About a British Career-

    ::::::.Offtopic.:::::: Hello! :D Maybe you remember me, maybe not, that's not important. The important thing is that I'm back here, and well, since I'm here I'll try to have a story. The reasons are two: 1.- Have fun playing and writing, the last one helps me a lot while playing. 2.-...
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    Kettering Town, Conference North.

    Well, I'm about to start one little LLM in England, maybe with my favourites from FM05, Basingstoke, maybe with Lewes because of Sigere, but well, I hadn't decided yet what to chose, but I decided what to not chose, the LLM Monsters Weymouth, who in all games I know reached League Two in two...
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    WWSM 2006 available now from Sega US's digital download store

    It sounds too fishy. Is safer to buy it by shipping. Ah, that download is supposed to work with all American Countries (when I say America I'm saying the true America, the continent) according to a spanish site.