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    FIFA 13 Cover Contest!!!!

    ....... the idea was came when mr.daniels kicked me when i get high :icon_spin:
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    --==\\ FoxLISIN Thread //==--

    agree with andut :)
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    Faces By DanielM.

    i dont follow ff12 very often but can anybody upload the ingame picture?
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    Cristiano Ronaldo Legend Of The FIFA By Tamir987

    never ending story of the gaylord :icon_spin:
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    Fifa 12 Full version (Fileserve/mediafire/fileserver/enterupload.wupload/torrent)

    the kiddo just an asshole realistic. as long as the free cyber world exist... who got the power to stop the world of pirates.... :capedes.... :ngacir:
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    Nice Ingame Pics

    at some points i agree with this matey... :rofl:
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    Fifa 12 CRASH Fix?

    makaci atas infonya gan... berguna buangets buat para :mahos yg punya mainan baru.... ;)
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    Fifa 12 Demo link

    absolutely agree. including by leaving this forum you could still alive. plenty of sites offering this demo link
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    Fifa 12 Demo link

    dopost :sleep:
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    First fifa 12 details!

    the player models lookalike pes... less natural more like japanese cartoon :rolleyes:
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    Fifa 11 only for kids???

    you're absolutely right kiddo. cause only kids have a courage to complaint like you did.
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    FIFA11 balls by Darxxx

    definitely you cant make everybody happy by making their requested balls. [in fact they have their own balls, haven't they.....] :rolleyes: but this looks awesome.... (Y)
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    Boot and Balls by ManUtd Fan20

    nice boots and gigantic sign.......
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    First fifa 12 details!

    awesome... cant wait to hv it.....