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    How is everybody doing?

    I'm most likely useless at Yahoo Pool now... :(
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    Yahoo Pool King !!
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    The Poker Thread

    add another $125 to that... playing no limit short handed 50c $1 blinds.
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    The Poker Thread

    lol, yesterday i received in the mail some promotional cd for mansionpoker, saying no strings attatched $15 free for signing up.. so i put in fake name addy etc. no need for credit or bank details and started playing... after 4 hours... this is what im at, i can withdraw all of it if i like...
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    The Poker Thread

    sat next to kristy gaze and cyclonia gowen yesterday at the poker table
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    who pissed on you?
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    lost use of shortcut keys?

    probably an easy fix, so i figured id come here and ask.. lost use of shortcut keys, ie control c - copy and control v - paste, when i press these nothing happens now, or if a c, or v will be typed >.< cant seem to locate the problem to fix it, so cheers in advance guys :)
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    I especially love September!

    afl / nrl grandfinal. us aussies care.
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    Trying To Cut My GF Loose.

    omg... just broke up with mine of 3 + years yesterday, exactly same thing. she was blind, i wasnt having fun. just had to go cold turkey, and say thats it. over. sucks but oh well. she still thinks ill change my mind. which sucks caus im not going to.
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    Liverpool FC

    cheers tom, but ive just found a new crop of previously done ones on the net, that ill base my design around. like CarlosDanger suggested i think im going to get the one on the gates. hoping to mix a couple of designs together to come up with prefererred one, and instead of on the arm (job reasons)...
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    Twenty20 World Cup 2007 | South Africa |

    6 sixes in an over (H) india ftw.
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    Liverpool FC

    Just a quick question fellas, i am wanting a small 'youll never walk alone' tattoed on my arm, and just wondering what font you guys think would best suit? ive searched everywhere for answers, and i cant find any >.< cheers in advance for any assistence given.
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    2003 Crew REPRESENT!

    hi =)
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    New Logo...

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    Transformers 7.4.7

    yeah she is hot... it was quite funny in some scenes aswel, sweet movie.