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    Faces Liga MX by Gogo23

    Guys, I have many faces of FIFA 22 Liga MX players that I have created and others that colleagues have passed me, if anyone is interested in textures and knows how to use fbx files to convert them into rx3, you can gladly send me a message and I will share the faces . I'm looking at this thread...
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    Faces Liga MX by Gogo23

    Hello, bro, sorry for bothering you, I'm just starting to know a little about the FIFA 14 and FIFA 16 edition, but I want to ask you, do these files not include Hairlod? I would like to use them in FIFA 16 with the Tokee tool but I can't find the Hairlod in the files. Greetings and thanks...
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    Will any of you have a face of Edson Álvarez Mexican player of Ajax?
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    21/22 Custom faces

    What version of blender are you using bro? if you are on a later than 2.8 you need to reduce the SPECULAR value in the material properties area to 0, and this will remove the bright color from the texture. Hope that's the problem :)
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    21/22 Custom faces

    Edson Álvarez (Ajax) Manor Solomon (Fulham) Patson Daka (Leicester City) Riley McGree (Middlesbrough) Manu Morlanes (Villarreal) :) thx
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    Kekso's Faces

    Good start brother, it's a matter of practice and you will see the improvement without a doubt do you plan to make more faces?
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    Faces By Franco Mengochea

    Hello friend, do you think you could share the face of Lisandro López and Sebastián Sosa? Thx!
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    Problem with frosty mod manager

    You need to delete the Mod Data folder where you have your FIFA 20 game installed, usually this is the location: Windows C / Program Files / Origin games (or the folder of the game service you use) / FIFA 20. There you delete the folder called Mod Data and ready you re-upload the mods you use...
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    FIFA 22 EA Squad Files

    New Squad Update Squad 10/02/2022
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    Patch Faces Fifa 22 (rx3 to fbx)

    Hello??? Is this thread still active? :D
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    FIFA 22 EA Squad Files

    There it goes again bro! I reviewed this and if the players you mention come. I hope it is useful. Squad 03/02/2022
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    FIFA 22 EA Squad Files

    Squad 03/02/2022
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    FIFA 22 EA Squad Files

    Squad 27/01/2022
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    FIFA 22 EA Squad Files

    Here: Squad 21/01/2022
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    Face Export Request

    Here is the face of Tommy Doyle, regarding the Europa League files, I have no idea which folder in FIFA Editor to find them in. If you tell me, which one are they in? I will gladly share them with you as well. Ivan Toney are not yet in the game, it will be until the next update but when it...