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    Erhan's Minikits 2011-2012 Season

    great minis dude :D
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    My kits.

    Good to see you back pal (Y) kits are still very good :D
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    FIFA07 Stadium Download Index

    Neu Tivoli - Alemannia Aachen (Germany) Hampden Park - Scotland NT - Scotland Weserstadion - Werder Bremen - Germany NOTE: Hampden Park and Weserstadion are the files, you'll have to import manually
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    Converted kits for fifa 07

    hey Stevi G, welcome back dude (Y)
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    9cr7 boots(requests too)

    Excellent boots as always mate (Y) try here: you download the pack and just have to resize to 128x128
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    FIFA World Cup 2010 Add-on

    install the 1st part first and then the second NOTE: you must have your database expanded to install
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    my little creations (vicoto09)

    Giants Stadium - New York Red Bulls (East Rutherford, USA) The Home Depot Center - Los Angeles Galaxy/Chivas USA (Carson, USA) the Giants Stadium you must install manually, open the .cmp with winrar, extract the files to a folder, and install
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    my little creations (vicoto09)

    don't worry about the kits, i'm having to uptade all teams again too =/ about the stadium, i have the Home Depot Center (LA Galaxy/Chiva USA), BMO Field (Toronto FC), and Giants Stadium, that was used by the NY Red Bulls, but they are playing in a new stadium now. i have never installed CEP in...
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    my little creations (vicoto09)

    oh, I see, I had to instal my FIFA again this week, because it crashed too :clapwap:
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    9cr7 boots(requests too)

    ahh, so good to know that you're still here :D
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    my little creations (vicoto09)

    hey man, did you stop making kits?? :(
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    FIFA07 Stadium Download Index

    Here it is mate: Estadio Libertadores de America (Doble Visera) - C.A. Independiente
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    9cr7 boots(requests too)

    hey 9CR7, can you please do these boots thanks a lot in advance
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    Ihsan Editing's

    great scoreboard, the Old Trafford is not the original one, is it??
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    My Kits.