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    RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS .. Anyone Else Still Seeing FR Issues ?

    thanks for the info , when I see something like Min specs and then Recommended, I like others would think that you should be getting near top quality out of the game. I read somewhere that gamers and others were trying to force game companies to put on the boxes the specs needed to play the game...
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    RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS .. Anyone Else Still Seeing FR Issues ?

    RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Intel Pentium IV 3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent or higher 2GB RAM DirectX 9.0c compatible video card. 256MB Pixel Shader 3.0 (ATI x1600 or NVidia 6800 GT/GS or better) OF THE RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS .. I have , 2 of the 3 Intel Pentium IV 2.0GHz...
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    This Annoys Me In Pes ... Just A Little

    This Annoys Me In Pes ... Just A Little L1 player change .. The fact that it can only jump between 2 players gets annoying at times, as it has in the past. Tonight, my forward hit a shot from outside the box , it hits off a defender and goes back along the ground into midfield. The path...
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    demoTweak2009 for PES2009 PC DEMO

    Thanks Juce your a star ! I hope you don't mind I posted your links on other sites , but gave you your due credit. Again thanks ..
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    PES 2009 Demo (PC) Out Now !

    If anyone knows of a Time Expander for the demo .. could they please post a link. As PES2009 .. is built on the same engine , there ? should not be that much difference between the Time Expander of 2008 demo and 2009 demo? Not a techie , am I right .. if so we should see one quite soon ...
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    .:: 09 Demo Match Explorer & Cinematics Patch ::.

    Help . Original demo worked fine, apart from it was to short on time. I installed the DME and set the games to 10min all the rest I left at default settings of original demo. Started the demo from the DME and up came the front page of game, went onto menus and I picked my team and pressed...
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    FIFA09 , In The Right Direction But Still ...

    FIFA09 , In The Right Direction But Still ... Not there for me .. Yes the ball pyhsics are there and the players reaction times are now spot on, twisting turning happens in an instant as it does when you press for a pass or a shot it happens right away. But, with gamepad in hand, even...
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    nvidia geforce 7600gt

    I have the following.. P4 2Ghz 1Gb DDR ATI-1650Pro 512mb (don't know what that is equal to for Nvidia) I have to play the game in LOW graphics setting , anything above that and I get frame rate hits that speed up the game that has the ball and players going about the pitch anywhere from...
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    What to do to make PES2008 run well on PC ???

    Ticking the Skip Frame Rate box , stops the slow down. Now I don't know if this then cause's my problem of fast game with the ball pinging about like a pinball and player doing the same. I had the demo working fine, with a little speed up in the box but nothing like with the full game.. I...
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    UK Sales ? Anyone

    its on sale in Holland as of yesterday and read Greece to if not more, the release date has been broken, so they should sell it.
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    UK Sales ? Anyone

    UK Sales , anyone got it and if so where? I live just outside glasgow, so I called Gamestation in Paisley, guy I spoke to says its not in store yet. He said not expecting delivery until Wed/Thursday. Called Game in the Braehead Shopping Centre. same there, not in stock. Guy said they...
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    PES 2008 is out on PC!

    I'll be calling round the glasgow shops to see if they are selling it..
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    No 1 To 9 Can Anyone Conform This ?

    Got the answer I was not looking for ... PES2008 there is no option to change the angle of view within a camera setting. In PES6 I pick Wide cam then the angle setting 9 but PES2008 does not have this option, Konami have taken it out
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    No 1 To 9 Can Anyone Conform This ?

    No 1 To 9 Can Anyone Conform This ? Was listening to the lastest Pod cast on and Adam one of the guys that run the site had been sent the final version by Konami. He was answering some Q's on the game, one about the games camera angles came up, bottom line...
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    Football Manager 2008 Demo

    playing the FM08 demo ... is there an option to get a report from your assistant and or the other coaches at the club on individual players. There was one on the old CM games but all I can see is an option to get a report on fitness, on the old CM games you could use it to ask about young...