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    Player Progression

    I'm lookin to buy this game, can anyone tell me if players progress as the years go on in Career mode, ala Madden 2004, if you've played that. One of the biggest rewards I feel is turning a youngster world class and having that reflect into his qualities. THanks.
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    Fifa 2003

    Does anyone know the release date? Thanks.
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    ISS and PES on XBox

    What's the difference between the 2 and are there any links?
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    ISS and PES on XBox

    Will either of these games be available for XBox in the US, if not, would they still work on my US XBox if I order them from overseas? I don't really know too much about these games so any links or help you can give I would appreciate, thanks.
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    League Play in World Cup 2002

    Will there be league play as well, like the EPL and Serie A, I hope so, I think league play is the best! Thanks for the help.
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    XBox Availablility?

    Will World Cup 2002 be available on XBOX, if not, what other good footy gameks are coming out on XBOX, thanks.
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    i really hope the game with leagues, they're so much more fun.
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    thanks, are there any website for that game?
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    will FIfa 2003 be coming out for xbox?
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    Where can I order UEFA Challenge

    online? Can you please post a link.
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    UEFA Challenge

    any good download websites like this place?
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    UEFA Challenge

    Worth the money, and are there any downloads for it?
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    Fifa 2002 Websites

    that was just for the already released games, philler
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    Top 5 forwards

    1. Rivaldo 2. Raul 3. Henry 4. Shevchenko 5. Jeffers, haha, hopefully, Wenger seems to think so. Real 5. Batistuta
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    Fifa 2002 Websites

    Does anybody know any good websites for Fifa 2002 and does anybody know the release date?