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    Fifa 12 editing generation update

    wow, awesome work guys !!! do we have to start a new career as we are replacing the squads folder ???
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    Model Suggestions Thread

    can anyone suggest a model for rafael da silva (man utd)
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    ^^^^ ooops, sorry for the pictures, thought it'd just be the link !
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    can someone please try and make: Michael Dawson Rafael Van Der Vaart - bot of Tottenham Hotspur
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    Darren Fletcher David De Gea (both Man Utd)
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    Stadiums ??????????

    I am new to PES, is there a way to add stadiums? I have seen a lot for PES2008 can these be added toPES2009 if so, how????????? I want mainly EPL stadiums :taz:
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    FlAtRoN faces 09

    - bump -
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    -Man- Face

    Yes please, the Da Silva brothers are gonna be big players at Utd - they are twins so you wont need to change much !! PLEASE TRY AND MAKE THESE!!! :taz:
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    FlAtRoN faces 09

    is there a link for ferdinad??? :taz:
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    Fifa08 stadiums

    Thanks !! this worked just fine... just got to fix city of manchester now, is says 'texture missing' all over the pitch - any ideas ? :taz:
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    bruno167 Editing thread - Minikits,Logos,Chants and more

    Hi bruno, great work you are doing here. Can you have a look at City of Manchester staduim also please, there is a missing texture on the turf somewhere. thanx :taz:
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    Fifa08 stadiums

    There is also a problem with some turf at the following stadiums Bolton - Reebok Hull - KC Staduim Man City - City of Manchester Middlesbrough - Riverside there are no lines on the pitch, can someone help ?? In the picture the players are about t kick...
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    Fifa08 stadiums

    some of the fifa 08 stadiums crash fifa09, is there a way to solve this problem as I want all of the EPL stadiums??? thanx :taz:
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    Puliciclone Stadiums...

    This is excellent, can you do more english premiership staiums please Villa Park Goodison ...would be great thanx. :taz:
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    DominikManUtd - Manchester United Patch

    thanks !! :-) :taz: