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    Ball 2021-22 [127]

    hello sorry for the inconvenience but how do you join the community to unload the balls, I have no idea ....
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    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v2.0

    thank you very much Jörg
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    Black's aka $ido's Stadiums

    guys I remind everyone that no one is required to do anything in this forum, plus many of us have an intense private life, work, family, children, etc., and time is always short. I too would like to see how texture bake is done, but you have to be patient, if F4F balck releases a tutorial well...
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    Humberto Stadiums Convertion

    hello is it possible to make a video tutorial to understand how to create the crowd in the curves with this method? maybe everyone with can understand thanks
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    Merry Christmas to all the Soccergaming community thanks Gonzaga for everything
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    Humberto Stadiums Convertion

    ok thanks for the crowd i create it in blended but i would need the generic stadiums of the fifa 14 world cup
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    Humberto Stadiums Convertion

    beautiful stadium, i wanted to ask you where can i find other generic stadiums of 2014 word cup? if you have them could you pass them on please
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    [SE7EN] FIFA 3D Importer Exporter (Updated Version - Blender 2.8x)

    creating the crowd in the oval stadiums is difficult because the instrument creates a rectangular object and to make it adhere to the curves you have to keep overlapping, cutting and moving .... a torture for those who have to insert them, in addition to make the seats adhere to the structure of...
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    [SE7EN] FIFA 3D Importer Exporter (Updated Version - Blender 2.8x)

    hello but is it possible to fix the tool that creates the crowd seats too? it would be nice to be able to create the crowd easily enough in the oval stadiums
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    hello Gonzaga sorry if I disturb you in the Chiavari stadium I have the problem that the crowd behind the goal posts is black
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    [MOD] Revolution Mod '14

    hello sorry if I disturb you I'm trying to eliminate the undershorts through the rev mod14, I go in the lua folder, assigniment and in the general I put these 3 lines setWinterAccessoriesWeather(0,0) setWinterAccessoriesWeather(1,0) setWinterAccessoriesWeather(2,1)...