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    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Hello, Tried my hand at this one and it was miserable. Anyone have an editable template for the macron Rodder? Thanks!
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    FIFA 15 DB For FIFA 14

    Boswell, give this a shot (if you haven't deleted you 15 in 14 folder): If you are using winwar AND you downloaded the upgrade in pieces (not torrent link), open part 1 in winwar. Then do the following: 1) Double click on the "game" folder 2) Double click "data" folder 3) Double click "db"...
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    FIFA 15 DB For FIFA 14

    Does anybody have an idea how to actually get db changes? I've installed via instructions, added the squad fix, and reset squads in the game. Yet I still have nothing.
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    FIFA 15 DB For FIFA 14

    I'm having the same issue as Boswell. I'm getting all the graphic changes, but I haven't gotten a single DB change. I followed the directions in the readme, but still have nothing.
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    Patch Interest For CONCACAF and Australia/AFC?

    I made kits of USL Pro and NASL for 14. That's pretty much all I can help you with since I haven't bought 15.
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    Full Database Released

    Haven't played 15 yet, but try turning of the matchday squads on the team selection screen. When you exit the game and open it the next time, it should stay that way since it's part of your personal settings.
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    FM Stats To FIFA

    does anybody have a FMzied database? The link is dead.
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    Neri666's Teams In CMP

    CM wouldn't install your MLS patch. If you try to import the teams, there's an error. But if you just import the players, it seems fine.
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    Regularcat's FIFA 14 Mods

    Mainly because, for some strange reason, I never got a roster update at all this year. So I have been playing with the original database rosters all year. From reading the forums, it seems that most of the August updates are buggy or for Moddingway users. I usually make the old game just a...
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    Regularcat's FIFA 14 Mods

    I, on the other hand am having a heck of a time trying to get the update to work on my game. I followed directions to a tee, regenerated, and made sure I ha no squads in the docs and still got nothing.
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    Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread

    Yeah, I always create tournament and league structures from scratch. I haven't had major problems with UGC teams. Sadly I haven't played much this year because of craziness. Hope it works out for you.
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    Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread

    Total guess, but I think it may have to do with: 63,match_endruleko2leg2,AGG 63,match_endruleko2leg2,AWAY 63,match_endruleko2leg2,ET_AWAY 63,match_endruleko2leg2,PENS I don't think you need the last two lines. I'm thinking that if you look at some of the original file, say for instance the...
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    Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread

    The second division is on the Magical Team List. I would just use that league id (2010) and create the structures from scratch/copy and edit Liga MX ones. Also, how many new players did you add? If it's just from Liga Ascenso, then it should be fine. I don't know if there's the "young...
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    Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread

    But it's already set up to not have Canadian teams. It always end up being the same match ups each season. It has happened 4 straight seasons and it bores me to tears! I haven't found a way to have both no Canadians and different matchups.