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    Perry's Faces

    thanks so much for your amazing work. take care and hope you can feel better soon!
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA18 Gameplay Mod

    heyya paul, personally would you recommend the 25-10 or 25-10 TAG?
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA18 Gameplay Mod

    Hey Paul, tested your nightly for 23-10, I've played 5 games on career mode and so far it's been great (no changes between games between your gameplay and the default gameplay). I'm really liking the ball control and passing that you have incorporated in the gameplay. However I guess the only...
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA18 Gameplay Mod

    Don't apologise Paul, you're already doing everyone a service by trying to improve the gameplay and sharing it with us. I was just unsure whether or not my unstable gameplay was due to using your Nightly or using other mods i.e. cheat table. For now I have decided to reinstall the game and use...
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA18 Gameplay Mod

    Yeah then i guess i'm experiencing what you're referring to then. Thanks for giving me the insight.
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA18 Gameplay Mod

    i see. to be honest i dont really know whether what I'm experiencing is actually the boost coding that you're referring to. It's more of like the whole gameplay seems different to me. For example players seem to become more unstable and stumble more, taking ages to control the ball and turn etc.
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA18 Gameplay Mod

    dang, is there any way I can prevent that from happening? It's like whenever I start a career mode, I'm really enjoying the gameplay from Paul's nightly, and then somehow after a few matches it reverts back to the same old annoying gameplay. And I've restarted countless career modes just to find...
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA18 Gameplay Mod

    Hi Paul, Want to start by saying that I'm enjoying your gameplay mods, and have been trying almost all of your nightlys. However, I'm not sure if I have done anything wrong on my part, but it seems that the gameplay mod works well in kick-off, or even skill games, but does not work very well on...
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    DAMN's Faces (WWTFM)

    Requesting file Hi guys, if anyone has this file could you kindly send it to me at my email? [email protected] Much appreciated.
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    patzor's Boots

    No worries, thanks for replying!
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    patzor's Boots

    Sorry for bothering but which ID should I name the ball to replace the current bundesliga one under the Moddingway Mod?
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    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)

    best renato sanches i've seen on FIFA 16 up till now. great work.
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    wichanwoo's Faces

    thanks for all your work wichanwoo. I am sure everyone will understand. Of course things in real life come much more important than just a game. Hope your brother recovers from it.
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    ales94's Faces

    best miki to me. good work!
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    karron97's Faces (WWTFM)

    awesome quality on your recent faces!