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    Laphroaig's FIFA 13 Legendary Methodical Sliders

    I've actually begun some extensive testing with some tweaks recently. I'm finding also that as I play through career its helping to edit my opponents tactics as I come to them. I watch a few videos of their play style on the intrawebz and then apply it as best I see fit. So far with these...
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    Laphroaig's FIFA 13 Legendary Methodical Sliders

    Really? I'm still trying to find a way to lower the shots. I just played a rematch of the Champions League fixture Celtic vs Spartak Moscow with these sliders. Moscow took a shot around 20 times. I took a shot 13 times. Granted Moscow shot a lot of off target and off balance balls. I won the...
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    Laphroaig's FIFA 13 Legendary Methodical Sliders

    Half Length: 15 Minutes Difficulty: Legendary Game Speed: Slow Manual Controls Legacy Defense User/CPU Sprint: 45/45 Accel: 42/42 Shot Error: 55/55 Pass Error: 60/60 Shot Speed: 50/50 Pass Speed: 40/40 Inj Freq: 60/60 Goalkeeper: 100/100 Position Marking 90/100 Run Freq: 15/25...
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    Laphroaig's Legendary Methodical Sliders

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    Svence Stadiums Thread

    I'd rather see the realization of the english and german stadiums. Camp Nou will surely be done by someone else. As if there aren't enough rabid Barca fans.:puke:
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    Regularcat's FIFA 13 Mods

    I get where you're coming from. I've been in the sim racing mod community for years. Sometimes it gets to the point where I feel like I play around with 3dsmax and script editing more than I do playing the games. Enjoy FIFA bro! :bob:
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    Modders - Slower Gameplay Pace

    Oh ye of little faith :innocent_smile_1:
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    Modders - Slower Gameplay Pace

    Nice thing about the full game so far is that during 15 minute games with the slow speed setting and some slider tweaks I've been able to get some highly competitive games on legendary. The AI has been great with a plethora of tackle tries and interception attempts throughout the game. The...
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    [FIFA 13] FULL Game Preview

    origin preload is a joke... over 12 hours of trying. gets up to 80% or so then fails or drops down to 50 odd percent.