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    Long sleeves: question for Chau

    I'm asking this directly to Chau because he's the creator of the official editor and he's in touch with Ea developers: is it possible or not to activate long sleeves in Fifa 2005? As we know, this option doesn't work in CC and no one knows how to activate it....So I'm asking for a sure and...
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    Update on the CC

    Three other problems: 1) It seems to be impossible to activate long sleeves (I've tried to set various values in the appropriate box, but nothing) 2) If you add a third kit with CC to teams who haven't, then you still can't select it in the game. 3) If you change the line up and subs of...
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    How can I get long sleeves with a player?

    Go in the appereance settings of each player...the last box is the lenght of sleeves...the only problem is that there are a lot of values for the lenght and so it must be tested in the game (I didn't have time to do it yet, so I not even now if really works)
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    Having Problems - Read This

    My problem: when I import a kit with CC the game crashes to Windows during the match if even one of the two teams has 2gk kits. Really discouraging, maybe is better not to publish programs if is so complicated to find stability with the game...every year is a too tiring trial make CC work fine...
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    kit raptor

    Unfortunately a lot of Gk kits that are not present in the original database as specific for a team can't be replaced simply with Kit Raptor...There's a quite complicated process (that needs also Access) to activate them for the team you want (someone more expert cant tell you)...Otherwise, you...
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    Big Raptor Settings

    I've found by myself the two programs and understood that actually they have no connection with my problem. Anyway, no one knows why, importing .fsh boots files with Big Raptor, in the game the new boots don't appear and instead of them there's the green texture with the writing "no texture found"?
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    Big Raptor Settings

    Can someone please tell me which are the paths to insert in the boxes ("Ea Graph Path" and "Oedit Path") of the Big Raptor settings in order to make it work? (I want to install some boots but without those settings they appear in the game as missing textures) Thanks in advance for help(Y)
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    chant importing,need help.

    You can use "Ditty Importer", a program from Ea that was born for Nhl series...It's very simple and useful, here's the link:) :
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    Goalnet Xpander

    I've found the solution to my problem putting each time the .fsh file of the net from the "GXPNets" folder directly to the data folder..this way the program works. Anyway, I have a question for the authors or for anybody it normal to see the characteristics of the new nets only in...
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    Goalnet Xpander

    Unfortunately still doesn't work form me:( ...Also with the new fixed version there are still no changes in the game...I've noticed that the program does not modify at all my Zdata-06.big file...It's really a pity, the tool is potentially great and I would like a lot to use it:( Any ideas or...
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    HUGE PROBLEM! Need Help...

    Re: HUGE PROBLEM! Need Help... It's a stupid and disgusting bug of Creation Center 2004 (that is, I must remember, an official product by Ea Sports, not a freeware program from a not payed patchmaker of the Fifa community), and there are still no answers and solutions for it from Chau Lee...
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    Creation Centre Bugs & Errors: Post'em Here!!!

    Re: Some other details Thanks to KeeKay for the very useful and precise description of this serious problem about formations and team management (I've also found the same things you describe) We are all waiting Chau and Ea for the blessed solution of this bug of CC, so we can finally...
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    Creation Centre Bugs & Errors: Post'em Here!!!

    Thanks a lot Chau for your update about the situation:) We all know you are working hard to solve the problems, but it's however important for us, Fifa and Ea users, to be informed about how the things are going on...I hope (and I'm sure) that with your brilliant ability you'll solve these last...
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    Creation Centre Bugs & Errors: Post'em Here!!!

    It's really an hateful bug and it's really a shame:( ...Like you perfectly said in the other post, the only thing we can do is to wait until Chau or someone finds the solution for this big problem (hopefully as soon as possible) Cheers(Y)
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    Creation Centre Bugs & Errors: Post'em Here!!!

    Thanks for your intervention BoyToy (Y) ...unfortunately I've already tried to uninstall Fifa and all it's traces and then reinstall it, but this big and umbearable problem still remains:( :( ...Like you said, the only thing I can do is to wait till Chau or someone comes out with a solution of...