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    FIFA 16 Background Maker

    wow very nice monkey nice to see you!
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    Jorge78 Balls

    great great jorge!!!! youre awesome!
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    FIFA 15 IDs

    vp pro - online- , how can i detect this player? if anyone know, pls let me know!
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    Jorge78 Balls

    youre so fu....g amazing! thanks for all the stuff mate!!!
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    Jorge78 Balls

    nice conext15 jorge :D
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    Virtual Pro ID

    hi, anyone here can tell me the ID of virtual pro online player? thx in adv
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    FIFA 15 Font + Overlays

    mate in last year we put 2002.big 3002 4002 5002 6002 7002 8002.big to have the same scoreboard in ALL games... so how can i do that?
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    Jorge78 Balls

    mate use RX3master of filemaster 15 to do ball stuff, forget CM15 for balls.
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    EAFH's Adboards

    where is the links to download? you just wanna show how goo you are, or you will release these adboards...
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    Jorge78 Balls

    jorge many many thanks to bring us 32panel balls into fifa15, now my life makes some sense ahahahahh :D thanks mate!!!
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    Kurlboy's Balls

    im back mates with my first ball for FIFA15 adidas lusitania (portuguese fantasy ball) Link: Nike Ordem AFC Cup 2015 Link: Adidas Europa League 14-15 Link...
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    Kurlboy's Balls

    this ball dont have afa logo xD i dont like this logo too xD
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    Kurlboy's Balls

    open it with rx3master, or if you do not wanna edit them just put inside balls folder and regenerate them.
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    Kurlboy's Balls

    at the moment i will not do this ball, im focused on rescue old balls :)