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    FIFA09 Kits by Tima55region

    haha! is that a compliment??? well i dont think i hav the skils and time to start my own thread but tht would be nice
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    FIFA09 Kits by Tima55region

    MLS All-Star Kit I made them using pre-made kits of other teams so its not of high-quality... im a beginner but im always glad to do anything related to MLS. (oh and i put the us flag on instead of the team patches) All-Star...
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    FIFA09 Kits by Tima55region

    im working on one right now...
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    FIFA09 Kits by Tima55region

    adidas kits with breastplate(?) hey can any one make me a blank white version of the new adidas kit with the breastplate(?)? you kno like the one that chelsea (home), bayern munchen (home), and NY Red Bulls (Home and away)... thanks in advance
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    MLS Patches Thread

    u kno tht my kit pack has the updates on it (usa flag, the new sj kits, etc.)?
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    MLS Patches Thread

    um u might wanna add youth players on to your game. read ur CM09 Help for details. and i got the most accurate kits that u can get so far. I didnt make any of them but revised them. the most i revised was the San Jose Home Kit. Enjoy! MLS 2009 Kits...
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    MLS Patches Thread

    hey thought u guys might need the shorts font for the MLS teams so here you go!
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    Intrest in MLS Patch?

    hey if u guys want the shorts font for MLS this year, i can post them up
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    CM09 - Beta Test

    Player Face Troubles!!! I made some new players and what ever combinations I choose, even the ones used in FIFA 09, there is no miniface that shows up. Could anyone please help me?
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    Kits & MiniKits Requests

    adidas Minikits Can anyone plz make these kits into minikits the default FIFA 09 style? Please leave out any logos. Also if possible could you post the minikit without wrinkles then the blank minikit so I add any necessary logos later and complete the minikit? Thanks in advance
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    Graphics by IGORINTHIANS™

    Logo and Graphics Question I want to learn how to make logos, but my biggest priority is to learn how to make the logos look shiny and crystalized like you make them.
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    walrus __ Club minikits

    You just cut out the parts of the FIFA 08 kit and resize it to the FIFA 07 kit format. Here's a list of it: Front & Back: 390x385 Left & Right Short Sleeve: 190x196 Left & Right Long Sleeve: 190x199 Left & Right Shorts: 205x187 Left & Right Socks: 173x188 It also helps if you add a...
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    walrus __ Club minikits

    Korea Kits Good to see a fellow korean here. BTW here's the korean kit that you wanted to convert. Not very good, but it was my first time. Home: Away: Home 3rd: Away 3rd:
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    The_Disciples Converted Numbers..

    MLS Fonts (and Puma) All the numbers here are not my number. I just changed the colors. Here is the Navy MLS Font And here are bunch of puma numbers put together by me;11375172;/fileinfo.html Also I remember seeing this in Soccer Gaming Forum, but...
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    MLS Kits 2007 or 2008

    It's ok. I already got all of the minis of the kits listed. Still I'll try looking to find more kits and minis.