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    Ajax_1995 Kits

    no Scudetto patch on shirt ?
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    JJ Wind Legendary Kits

    possible to make this two UCL version kit @JJ Wind ?
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    The NDR's Kit Workshop

    Hello mate The NDR possible to do Juventus 2000/2001 and 2003/2004 Champions League version kit ?
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    i try to change the banner size and length only. Not the stadium :(
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    hi anyone have old BayArena ? i tried search but not find any. Think that last time it is available but not sure which Fifa version.
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    Stark Resilient v2.0

    @TonyKroos you have a nice work kit bro. Can you make Champions League version Juventus 2000-2001 & 2003-2004 ? i check there is no on Classic Patch v2.0
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    Balls Johnny

    Hello @Johnny28ua possible mate to do this classic Mondo Kaleidos ball ?
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    Cssp 72's Classic kits

    hi @Cssp72 can you make this Ciaoweb Juve kit 2000/2001 league & ucl version ?
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

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    Bianconero1897's Kits

    hi Bianconero can you make classic kit Juve Ciaoweb league & UCL version ?
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    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

    can anyone make this Ciaoweb Serie A & Champions League version kit ? because on the latest Classic Patch only Lotto version.
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    Sputnik Automated Bootpack for Classic Patch 14 by VK

    this Lotto Mondo ball right ? i wish VK can make this too
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    Hello friend. Want to ask, how to edit banner position and size in the stadium ? i plan to make some change for Stadio Delle Alpi if possible. But need some tips from you guys. :D
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    yeah i like this idea. Allianz Stadium Juventus need some update by awesome work Gonzaga