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    Converted balls PES6 to FIFA

    Hi For new PES, a lot of balls are made. Can you convert them? Or only from PES6?
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    21/22 Balls

    Hi, mate Can you only convert from FIFA to FIFA? It's just that in PES a huge number of balls have already been made.
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    Saleh N

    Friends, who has Douglas Park stadium, Hamilton Academical FC?
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    Saleh N

    Something went wrong here! Mate, you are doing incredible things!
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    Saleh N

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    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    there is something wrong with this stadium. No light. I use in CGFS
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    kotiara6863's Stadiums
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    My stadium studio - Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium

    Hi, Raven First of all, there will be a limit formations, there are only 1000 of them. Then the players, their 32,000 or 35,000 as much as possible. CM adds them without limit. At least a million))) BUT! After the limit, the names disappear in the game (including on T-shirts) About the league...
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    Creation Master 16

    Hi everyone Stated that : For CM 16 the expansion of the database allows to have up to 2048 formations (instead of 1000) and up to 65536 player names (instead of 32000). And how to create over 1000 formations? Please Help!!
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    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    Hi Someone please help Is it possible to change attendance at stadiums? I have beautiful stadiums, and there are very few spectators.