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    windowed mode wont work

    i cant use windowed mode, it wont let me, telling my system does not support it. ive got a pretty new laptop, its got like a wide screen. ive tried on all possible screen resolutions and it still wont work. is it a problem with the skin> i am using just the normal si one what can i do?
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    8.0.2. Patch

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a 8.0.2 patch for fm, and if there is, what release date is expected? cheers.
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    Damn it, I ain't got no God damn tre fitty

    :bob: Is it just my imagination or are Juve already declared champions of Serie A? I was just wondering, and thought I'd remind a lot of people at the start of the year who were claiming this was Inter's year bla bla bla, and then just the other week how Inter were back and Juve would...
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    FM 2006 purchased, I am back in the fold, BUT IT DON'T WORK!

    Assistance appreciated here. I have installed FM and am currently downloading that EP or update thing on my trustworthy 50.2k internet. When I went to try FM 06 out, my PC reckons it cant read the cd. I have a 48X speed cd drive... So what should I do?
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    Recoba is a soccer player

    Yes it is official. He reckons Uruguay deserve to get into the World Cup and has totally disrespected Australia. Who le f u c k does he think he is? Sure when he plays against us he looks good, but he is just some ****house inter pine warmer. He is a dirty, ugly prima donna with a fake...
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    [XBOX] I have edited my game, but to no result.

    Now, this isn't the Xbox live bug, my option file is intact. I have done a season update manually on my game to co-incide with new season. I have edited transfers and player stats. When I start a new master league the transfer changes show up, but not the edited player stats, (when I go to...
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    Cricket 2005?

    Anyone know about an Aussie release date for Cricket 2005 on PC or XBOX? Anyone know any basic info about the game?
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    My XBOX is dying

    I think the laser is stuffed because every game I play I eventually get the "Disc may be dirty or damaged message". It's gradually getting worse, and I've been using a CD/DVD lens cleaner which helped a bit but now its completely stuffed. I can't play for longer than a minute without it...
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    PES 4 for a long time FIFA player

    My mates have been heckling me to purchase PES because it rips FIFA games from EA apart and is fantastic. If you don't mind, I would like some info about PES, I've heard you can put players anywhere on the pitch with in depth tactics, which is appealing to me. But apparently, it does not have...
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    I went to EB today and Cm5 was there!

    It was, on XBOX. I plan to get it and abuse their 7 day returns policy if it sucks. Is this game actually any good?
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    MCFM - .net Framework.... what is this crap?

    This piece of crap is 20mb to download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a utility that is only 150kb! BAH! Is there any other way you can get MCFM 05 to install?
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    Finally... I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally, FM HAS COME BACK TO MY PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately I HAVE A FEW GRIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have that annoying shooting dealy... - 30 shots to 3, 1-1 - 27 shots to 2, 2-1 - 25 shots to 10, 0-1 ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will the enhancement pack fix this...
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    Hurry up and come out you piece of crap

    HURRY UP AND COME OUT FOOTBALL MANAGER! STUPID GAME WENT FROM FRIDAY just passed TO MONDAY coming, I hope this is not the beginning of the usual three month delay. I condemn those who download this game! Oh no wait, it is file sharing. We need another 'nam to thin out your ranks.
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    Addictedness Ratings

    What has been your longest time/highest addictedness rating on CM 03/04? (I think it goes by the number of days you have been playing...) Im currently upto 13 days It says: Stop Bugging me! Can't you see im Playing? I've done that in 5 months since I started the game so its not that...
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    Iraq Occupation

    The Iraq occupation has continued with blood spilt on all sides. Today there has been news released of another decapitation video killing of an American. If you want to see it, go here (Link Removed - Mod) You need a strong stomach, this one was way worse than the video of the Nick Berg...