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    2016 Copa América Centenario

    Road To The Copa The Copa América Centenario, referred to in English as the 2016 Centennial Copa America, is a scheduled international men's association football tournament due to be held in the United States in 2016. The competition is a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL and the Copa...
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    FIFA About To Go Down

    I knew it would be a matter of time before the USA takes down this corrupt organization and I'm glad to see the rest of the world getting involved.
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    FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch

    FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch FEATURES 207 National teams that you can use in friendly or custom tournament mode. Road To The World Cup Tournament: Full UEFA Qualifying Full Conmebol Qualifying Concacaf Qualifying – 1st qualification rd is excluded, you start in the 2nd rd of...
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    Is the Dutch speed skating coach right about American athletes?

    The only place I talk with people from other countries is on SG but before that it was well understood that people from around the world don't care much for us Americans and our attitudes towards basically everything. So the Dutch speed skating coach went off on America yesterday and seemed...
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

    KTLA Reporter Mistakes Samuel L. Carlos*son for Laurence Fishburne cqQWkB0kn9Y
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    SG's Babe Competition 2013

    Looks like she lift weights and does squats, I don't think I've ever seen a British woman who was that curvy.
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    SG's Babe Competition 2013

    Yeah its Luisa Zissman, she has to have one of the best bodies I've ever seen and these pics aren't touched up. AZ how do you give this ass a 2/10?
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    NFL 2013 Thread

    I'm so tired of hearing about gay people, who cares if your gay. If my team drafts you then you better make plays.
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    2014 FWC Playoffs Patch

    The fixture dates were perfect when I made the first set of tables, did something change. I know I haven't been involved that much lately but schedules are an easy fix.
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    Enough is enough ... for SG sake demod the mods

    Oh, does he run Operation Sports as well?
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    Enough is enough ... for SG sake demod the mods

    Who the hell is Matt Holme
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    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil PC Conversion Patch Thread

    I'm all over this and will be attacking as soon as the game is leaked. Hopefully we can get some peeps together to work as a team.
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    The Official Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Thread

    I'm one of those people, you have to be a fucking loser to hurt an animal.