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    FIFA 14 Arabic Commentary Help

    Hi Well I've extracted the ara_sa.big and from PS3 game (All the rest of the commentaries were extracted from PS3 game and work fine to PC), but this, doesnt work for PC Then I uploaded the two file if you may help me or everyone how to work this arabic files to PC: Here's the...
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    (Help) Commentary Names Player Problem

    Hi Well, ive downloaded Japanese commentary for fifa13 PC and it works fine, but i have a problem. The player's names assignment doesnt works very good. When a player touch the ball, example "Messi" the japanese only says "Pascuale" and not the real name. Someone say me that this problem...
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    Japanese and Swedish Commentary

    I have both commentary files from xbox 360 and PS3 I tried to enable them with the Fidel commentary total mod and i can select them, but doesnt work during the game I've head some voices from japanese and swedish saying some words in the game but it was once. I think that they needs...
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    How To Change Commentary In The Demo

    Hi Well ive downloaded the fifa 13 language pack, i want to put these coomentaries to my game, but the option is unable how can i change it?? Thanks