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    Does there is here a Czech?

    Impressive, but if he were to register a claim with the Office how does he Czech on his query?
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    100 Years Old Colour Photos

    Excellent photos. Stunning detail considering they're a century old!
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    North Korea will launch a rocket

    Ace statement! (H)
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    Pop quiz

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    Best pick up lines

    *Lick finger and wipe it on her blouse* "Let’s get you out of those wet clothes" "Let's play French Military, I lie down and you blow the f*ck out of me" "I can't say I know much about flowers but you can put your two lips round me cock" (Tulips, geddit? (H)) "Fancy going halfers on a...
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    Animal Experimentation

    Personally I would never buy any goods that haven't been tested on animals. How do I know that that I can trust my deodorant without it knowing how it reacts when sprayed in a hare's eyes? It's a risk frankly not worth taking. Rob's point on privatizing endangered species is a superb one...
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    Hillsborough: 20 years on.

    God rest the souls of the 96.
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    Oh my, you have upset Phil the Greek. Expect a visit from MI5.
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    Were you on the Royal Mile by any chance whilst conducting your dignified interviews?
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    The Polish National Team Thread

    Jealous that he's good, haha (H) I'll give him credit when he has instinctive saves or 1 on 1s as he's very good with those. But there is much more to goalkeeping than simply that and he's been so poor with handling, kicking etc since he's been at Celtic. A lot of Celtic's dropped points this...
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    The Polish National Team Thread

    Boruc is an utter disaster of a goalkeeper. That's at least his fifth ridiculously sh*t error that cost him a goal this season alone (and many more clangers he got away with too). If you extended it out to his entire career you could probably make a DVD of all his f*ck ups. It's not just that...
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    The Polish National Team Thread

    Artur Boruc is my new favourite person on this planet. :D DmhO73UuC4E
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    Soccer Is Ruining America

    From a country that produced David Obua you certainly can't talk. He should be charged under the Geneva Convention for torturing anyone who watches him play football.
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    Maradona \o His conduct since retiring has convinced me he is the best player who ever lived.