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    How do you create a national team?

    Thank You for asking this question! I've always been really interested in the possibility of adding national teams and extra club teams but I can never quite get it to work. I'm mostly interested in career mode so I originally tried to replace the extra FUT teams IDs - to no avail. It seems like...
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    Banners and Flags Not Displaying In Stadiums

    Can you reshare the solution or file please? I have been looking for this solution for weeks!
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    Using RDBM for Create a Club Banners and Assets

    Hi everyone - I'm trying to use RDBM to edit assets for my Create-A-Club career mode team. I want to use RDBM to change the banner for my created team - Does anyone know how to give my Created Club the banner for another team (for example can I upload a banner for my team in the editor tool in...
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    Editing Stadium Assets

    Hi - I'm trying to use Groupama Stadium for my career mode, I wanted to change some of the stadium assets (.png files - bench color, tarp, wall color) that have the Lyon logo to my own team. Every time I change these files the stadium loads with black boxes and color issues. In FIFA 20 I was...