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    PES 2008 licensing

    do they win something? I know Man Utd and Chelshiet did win something :taz::taz:
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    We 2007 not coming out on xbox or PC ???

    since microshaft already dropped support for the regular xbox with the launch of 360 i doubt many developers would want to release their games on original xbox
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    Couple of questions also usually imports UK games to the US and they are (if i'm not mistaken) are california based company so it's a local company which imports UK games :lui: :lui: i'm so excited with 2007 >_< i'm downloading the demo right now and i will install em both on my mac and my pc lol
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    Getting PES6 in USA

    like WC Zidane said... (website: is california based company (if im not mistaken) and they do import Football Manager series, PES series etc2
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    Finally! Yes

    hmm i bought the game today but i want to be able at least to update the option file from my 360. Anyone know how to do it?? there's a transfer kit that TheWolf mentioned in page 1 but it's only for Memory Card of 360 and We9 doesnt use memory unit >_< anyone knows any other way?
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    Finally! Yes

    oh yeah baby i just be able to check it today and i will go to EBgames straight away to buy my WE9 Xbox to be played with my 360 yippie!!!! :jap:
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    Winning Eleven 10 Thread

    well i do buy the game but not "the game" u know what i mean :P
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    Winning Eleven 10 Thread

    hahaha if i have modded PS2 do you think I actually "buy" the game??? :kader: :kader: :lui: :lui: i only actually "bought" the PC versions of the game... for PS2... nah :D hahahaha oh well hope the new improved version came out :D
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    Winning Eleven 10 Thread

    well it's not the problem it's just that they keep giving out versions. I love this game but there's a big problem in ignoring the other version when I have a modded PS2 and i keep buying the other version to play :P
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    Winning Eleven 10 Thread

    Kamil: I agree completely...
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    what's the verdict on WE9 (U.S. version)?

    so now konami further divided the WE PC COmmunity. Last time it seems that it's divided between PES - Europe WE International series - North American and Asia (Except Japan) now they have 3 versions for PC lol PES - Europe WE - North America WE - Asia (Except Japan) Cheers for Konami
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    what's the verdict on WE9 (U.S. version)?

    the japanese we series always superior than the other version around the world :(
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    Is WE9 int. for pc out?

    The asian and american version is the same thing... i put i on this thread earlier. I was playing WE9 from xbox and i compare it with the supposedly "Asian" version of WE9 for PC and both are one and same game. And yes the "John Terry" version of the XBOX is different from PES5.... the...
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    Inter Milan vs. Juventus [P] & [R]

    Inter FTW
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    Wow, what a guy.

    Crocop is overpowered in this game LOL