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    Skill Move Question

    It would just be you timing the receiving of the pass with a normal turn on the left stick.
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    [PC] Fifa 12 Zlatan87 Superpatch 12 "The Real Soccer Emotion" 2.0

    Just a note, for all of those who would be interested in trying this: If you want to use RC's database but have the tattoos, boots, kits, faces, and everything else Zlatan has edited, install Zlatan's patch, but do NOT regenerate. Instead, then install RC's AI+DB, then regenerate after that...
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    [PC] Fifa 12 Zlatan87 Superpatch 12 "The Real Soccer Emotion" 2.0

    I can't speak for RC obviously, but I wouldn't have a problem if people on here asked for donations or something like that in general for doing a lot of good work. I do have a problem with accessing the patch being a ridiculous hassle because someone wants to guarantee making money off of...
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    [PC] Fifa 12 Zlatan87 Superpatch 12 "The Real Soccer Emotion" 2.0

    I mean that's the only logical reason for why he wouldn't want the patch being shared via torrent, which would make it way easier for everyone to get since it's just a single file that way.
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    [PC] Fifa 12 Zlatan87 Superpatch 12 "The Real Soccer Emotion" 2.0

    I understand that you worked hard on this patch Zlatan, but is there any way you can make the download more concise/easier to do? Are you making money from the downloads and is that the reason that you're trying to get people do use the 17 links? Because the fact that there's adds on the links...
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    Regularcat's FIFA 12 Mods

    Hey RC, I've surprisingly just run into a really bad error in the 2nd season of a career mode with Juve: all of the players that were loaned out in season one are now back in my squad, but in the transfer list they're all listed as on loan and I can't do anything to get them back. Am I just...
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    Regularcat's FIFA 12 Mods

    RC: As a regular reader of the forums but one with no time to actively contribute, I must say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I've yet to play such a rewarding game of FIFA as I just did with your DB/AI, and to say I'm thrilled to keep playing is an understatement. Your hard work and...
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    100% Virtual Pro

    You actually don't need the crack at all, I figured out. Launch FIFA. At the profile selection screen, alt-tab out and quit Origin. Alt-tab back in and select the 100% profile. Alt-tab and log into Origin. Save the profile under a new name. It worked for me, so it should work for you too.
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    Damaged Profile

    My main profile got damaged also from 1.03. Does anyone know if there's an updated crack yet so I can repair my file? I was at 85% and I really don't want to lose it...
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    Career Mode Editing

    All of this stuff is excellent guys. I've been doing some small tweaking myself, but the growth curve stuff seems to be a huge breakthrough. Great work.
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    mogolos and kits

    Hey, I love your kits, they're great! I'm having a slight problem though when I try to use your Juve kits, though. The two Scudetto stars above the Juve crest are off to the right (not in line with the crest). I'm using the striped bump for the home and the plain one for GK and away, yet the...
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    S1lverfox's FIFA 11 Manager Mode Overhaul

    He said in the OP, and i can see ingame, that he's made some changes to the AI and whatnot. While I understand that his is in the career.ini, I think there will be some kind of conflict.
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    Problem with FIFA 11 Regenerator

    You're the man, that worked perfectly. Thanks a million.
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    Problem with FIFA 11 Regenerator

    All of them are installed and it doesn't work.
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    Problem with FIFA 11 Regenerator

    I'll try that.