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    Carson's Kits

    Welcome back mate! I hope you'll get some spare time to fix up Hibs kits. Thanks in advance!
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    Carson's Kits

    I'm glad you had a good game: I guess Ayr is one of the teams to deserve a stable place in the SPL. On Friday Hibs will have to face up Ross County, which I guess will be a bit thougher than Montrose. What about the Scottish Patch I've heard rumours some months ago? I guess it was dropped before...
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    Carson's Kits

    Tbh, I live in Tuscany, although I'm a Hibernian supporter. :-)
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    Carson's Kits

    Hi mate, please could you check up these kits I can't see the images? Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
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    The Wizard's Stadiums - Preußenstadion - Season 2023/2024 RELEASE

    Please forgive me if I make a request. I'd love to see the Easter Road Stadium in Edinburgh, home of Hibernian FC. It's your full right to accept no more requests mate, but it's a shame we have stadiums for the English First Division and not the stadium of the current Scottish Cup holders...
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    Carson's Kits

    OK! Thanks again mate! :)
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    Carson's Kits

    Class kits mate, as usual! ^_^ Can't see Hibs goalie pants tho... :O
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    Carson's Kits

    I guess he refers to the Ladbrokes SPL badge on the arm mate. Moddingway patch is using a dynamic overlay for the arm badges so, for example, if your team is playing League games it has the SPL badge on the arm, if it's playing a Champions League game it has the UCL one. It's a nice way to use...
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    Carson's Kits

    Any chance to have some new Scottish club jersey (Hibs for example)?
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    CG File Server 16/decommissioned

    the SHAW must go on! :rockman:
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    UEFA EURO 2016 Patch Stadiums' Thread

    Thank you guys! Just gimme some time to get into the job and I hope I'll be helpful somehow. I've found almost all the tools - methinks. Just a couple of questions: - I couldn't find Arianos' Blender plugin for FIFA 16 under FIFA 16 downloads. Is it maybe under FIFA 15 ones? If you give...
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    Guimattoss's Stadiums

    Carpi F.C. plays home games at the "Alberto Braglia" Stadium in Modena (the same used by Modena in Serie B) because the Cabassi Stadium doesn't fulfill the standard requirements of a stadium for a Serie A team.
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    Stadium Requests Thread

    Easter Road stadium, home of Hibernian Edinburgh FC. Thanks!
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    (ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs - (Stadium Server CGFS 16) v2

    I experienced FIFA crash with the Auxerre stadium. How can I help you to fix it up? Thanks again for the good work!
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    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    Sorry lads, I've got a problem with the Florence Artemio Franchi stadium. The stadium works but there's a bug in the away banners (they look like reverse seats) the colours seem to be too "shiny" (as if there was a lightball on the pitch) and, since I'm using this stadium fancards don't work...