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  • Greetings friend, great patch, the best and ideal for FIFA 14, I would like to know when version 2.10 comes out with the stadium package included? thanks
    Hello, excellent pach friend, you could upload the V2 in two parts since there are people who can not download all 5.6 GB at once, in my case the download is canceled when I arrive at 4 GB. Please raise the patch in two parts or upload it through Mediafire
    Dear HarryBullZak,
    could you please send me downloadig links regarding FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)?
    Thank you in advance for your rsponse.
    @HarryBullZak please mate help me with this problem...
    I basically use fifa 14 cracked file...where HBZ update don't work...i also have fifa 14/19 mod but that mod career starts form 17/18 season...what should i do now to play 14 with 18/19 season and also can edit some transfer with creation master. please help me..i may be die without playing fifa
    Hello mate, look, I installed the HBZ Mod 2.0 AIO and I tried to make a playable league, why it isn’t working? I make it over the Ireland League but isn’t working in career mode, only tournament or other thing.

    PS: I put the dlc folder after saving in CM 15.
    Hi. You could not help me. I need the Champions League net of the 18/19 season in СM.I understand that scouser09 makes the patch, but I need exactly the Champions League, I play the Italian championship, and there are 4 clubs from Italy.
    Harry I think club transfer of some players in the HBZ mod aren't right,like for kilian mbappe it shows that he has recently arrived the club in 2018,which is wrong,so if issues like these gets fixed the game will get even more realistic.
    Again thank you for the hard work that you have been doing for people like me who are still stick with fifa14.
    Actually, it is far more realistic that he is showing as just arriving because that is the truth. He was on loan the previous season.
    gameplay changed after v2...plz check it.
    its not the default fifa14 gameplay.
    I am moddingway user for many years there was no such prblm...this season i'm using ur fine work but after v1 gameplay changed,,it also happened with imstudios new db s...
    I think there is something related to db...if u can plz check.
    I make a draw in the Europa League, the teams do not change. No teams Cologne, Dawn. How to remove this error? I have a team here for the season 2017-18. How to make teams of the season 2018-19 ??? Through which program and how ???
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