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    mh25 Works '14

    i really love your creations man, you're awesome! can you just fix the legend 5? you have 7 lace holes in each side instead of 6 which makes a bigger forefoot. if not, i'll still use it, it's great!
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    aLEx_1O's Rises

    No competitors to this guy, absolutely amazing quality!
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    aLEx_1O's Rises

    great boots man, but enlarging the CTR isn't that complicated and shouldn't decrease quality due to the fact that you drew the shoes with pen tool. hope you'll do it anyway!! :)
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    El Gordito's Boots

    WOW!! absolutely AMAZING quality! just one thing.. you made the Miracle version of the retro/orange mercurial, do you think you can manage to make the Vapor as well?
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    church shoes

    looks awesome man!
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    Real model for each boot in FIFA 13!

    you can't be more right my friend. pes is just 22 LEGOs playing football
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    Real model for each boot in FIFA 13!

    you can always use the model of the EA boots (the 6 studs) as a last resort.
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    Real model for each boot in FIFA 13!

    the CTR has a customized model too and the special stud configuration does not come from the bump map. watch the video and see for yourself ! :) agreed!
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    Real model for each boot in FIFA 13!

    I was watching the new video that EA uploaded today about the new Arsenal away kit for the upcoming season when I suddenly noticed something unusual: EA made a specific 3d model for each boot!
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    Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 Pack

    I appreciate it man but I will have to re-create all the "foundations of the boots" again (and it's A LOT of work..) because I lost all the PSDs and I just don't have the time for that.. sorry I would suggest you to use JeffiOne's as he is in my opinion the best bootmaker I have ever seen.
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    new boots thread

    looks really good!
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    Boots By MeReY(KZ)

    awesome job man! I think that these actually look really nice
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    FIFA 12 Boots Jeff_Oner

    very nice! keep going!
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    How to import kits into Euro 2012?

    It doesn't also open the EURO patch