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    [MOD] Revolution Mod '14

    Thank you scouser 09 !!! For information : the mod works well with final version of Fifa 14. At the moment I used boots and faces and all work good.
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    SieL23's FIFA 14 Faces

    Thank you !!!
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    2012/13 Schedules

    Hi, A question : how do you edit "cmsettings.ini" as it's located in a BIG-file ? I tried many Tools but I didn't succeed in extracting files from a BIG-file ! Thank's in advance. ---EDIT--- Okay, I've just found the solution with File Master 12. ---EDIT--- Gourbish
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    Faces by VinzzzBzH

    Very good ! How are you doing to make so much faces in a short time ?!
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    Balti From Da Block

    Thank you for your new link !
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    Faces by VinzzzBzH

    What do you mean by darker eyes ? Really the eyes or the eyelids ? Thank you murilocrs.
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    Faces by VinzzzBzH

    Thank you! Here is:
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    Faces by VinzzzBzH

    Hi, Vinzz, it seems that you have better abilities for modeling than for texturing. I'm wrong ? I say that because some of your faces appear to be good modeled but have a worse texture. So I tried to improve one of your faces by re-texturing it. I worked on the Romao face and here is the...
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    Faces by VinzzzBzH

    Thank you too ! I read that you had a problem on several faces with eyelashes displayed in front of the head. I noticed that on 4 or 5 faces if I remember well. It seems that the problem is with the hair file which seems to have a space regarding the face. I don't know how work rx3 files but...
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    Faces by VinzzzBzH

    Hi Vinzzz, Very good job ! And it's great to see faces from Ligue 1 ! :) To my mind, only Valbuena face is "medium", but all the others are really great. One thing : I didn't find a link for downloading your first pack. Can you post a new one please ? Thank you in advance ! (Du coup...
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    Balti From Da Block

    Moreover it's possible to upload them as attachments directy in the forum as they are small files. ;)
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    Balti From Da Block

    Hi, Your work seems very good but I can't download it. Broken link ? Can anyone post a new link please ? Thank's in advance.
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    Olympique de Marseille minifaces + Jordan Ayew face

    Hi everybody, I'm Gourbish from France, I didn't do modding on FIFA for a long long time but I'm back with FIFA 13. I'm here to give you my first works. I made all the mini faces for all the players of Marseille (39). Here is the list : Player ID...
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    Cyber Faces Converter Fifa11 Released

    Same problem as dcon for me with WinXP and SlimDX .net 2.0 from march 2011 and june 2010 (the one given by andry1980).
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    Transfer button not activated : OK I finally understood how works the tool : in the Team panel, look at the box called "Available players" and then select a filter in this box...